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I have a rebounder and love to put music on. Should i be doing it with or without shoes.

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I've always heard it's better to jump without shoes.  I'll be interested to see what others respond.

Love my Rebounder and enjoy it with or without  shoes.  But . . . I've greater confidence in my balance and bounce longer when I wear my shoes with arch supports. 

Either way, keep on enjoying that music as you bounce, Sharon Kay! 

I have been bouncing without shoes... feeling the contact of my bare feet with the mat helps me to feel more stable.  I have also been rebounding without a bra, but keeping the bounces gentle, because I want to make sure that the lymph is getting through my breasts as well.

How long do you all bounce and how vigorously?  I'm just starting rebounding, and I'm keeping my rebounding sessions to about 10 min. each, 3 or 4 times a day, and I'm basically just bouncing; not trying to do jogging, leg lifts or anything like that.

I would love to hear how you guys are using your rebounder!  :)

I love the rebounder - and I believe either way shoes/or not is fine - I prefer being barefoot. And I often do just little short sessions for energy and lymph flow, and awakening a playful joyful feeling!

Hi everyone - rebounding sounds like a fun way to exercise; do you recommend certain brands and/or models for a newbie to get started?

Hi I just started this Raw Food cleanse and on my 6th day. I bought a rebounder 2 days ago and breaking in slowly. I tried it both with and without shoes. I think I like better with the support of shoes but I think I need to get some tennis or sports type of shoes.



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