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I have always loved to dance since the age of 7 years old when I went to ballet classes.  I continued with ballet until about 9, then I did not even dance or think about it til my teenage years.

When I was in my late teens and 20's, I went to parties and clubs with my friends.  I just loved dancing Latino music such as cumbia, meringue, salsa and disco.  

As I got older and more into my sedentary lifestyle working on computers, then I just stopped all of my exercise.  I missed it, but could not find time.

Now that my family and I moved out here to LA in August 2013, we got together with my friend and his girlfriend in October.  She invited me to go to her gym Crunch on Sunset Blvd.  It was the first time in about 15 years since I really worked out.  I had a treadmill in my apartment back in NY for 10 years, but I gave it away to a friend in Monsey before coming out to California.

So when I went to Crunch and filled out my profile information for connections, then I got a call from the manager in Burbank to join.  My family and I went right down and signed up.  I was so happy, but a little nervous.  I worked out with a personal trainer for 9 months, and also learned about Zumba classes.

I have been dancing Zumba for almost 2 years now at Crunch in Burbank.  I love it so much that I decided to get my Basic Level 1 Zumba license.  I am officially a Zumba Instructor.  Now I am working on getting my choreography together so I can teach my own classes and open up my own dance studio.

How many of you members ever learned to love Zumba?  

It is a great Cardio class and we can burn up to a 1,000 calories in one hour classes.  Whatever you put into the class you will get out of it.  I guess I burn up about 600 calories or more.  I just love to dance!

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