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Ground zero circuit training is a jog/run/sprint program that consist of multiple courses in Indianapolis! You have up to six differnet toning zones in betewwn particular sets of laps to run or climb! This seasonal outdoor exercise program relies on the practice of Raw Veganism, just like the Raw Food Rehab relies on! Raw Veganism and the practice of outdoor course running/climbing can double or triple the benefits! The documents attached explain the tips, techniques, stipulations and instruction on how to do the Ground Zero Circuit training workouts right! There is also the Latest food pyramid attached for the Gound Zero Fitness Program! I love you guys! Please click the links, read the documents, and tell me what you think and if you can get through them on the Raw Food Rehab eating plans.

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Hi Vanessa,

Thanks for adding this. I'm in the midst of re-tooling our website, so you may notice some changes as you're looking around the site, including the name. I am unable to open the attachments, but if you'd like to send them to me via email for my review, that would be my preference. You can send them to

Wishing you all the very best!


Hi, Mrs. Shelton,

Thank you for replying to my message. I did not know that things were changing on this website. All I needed to do is share my talents! I am so sorry! I sent my attachemtns to YOUR email account. I hope you can open them in your email account! Take care!



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