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Hello Everyone!

I am new to the RFR and i am anxiously seeking an Exercise Buddy to kick-start my exercise program and keep it going.... anyone interested? Please inbox me ASAP!

I am looking for someone so we can liaise on a daily basis and keep tabs on each other to motivate each other while we work on achieving our fitness goals.

Thanks again

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Hi Judith, it is the 21st of August and you may already have a fitness buddy so please let me know if you do.

Like you am new to RFR so please forgive me if I make a  few mistakes.

I would like to start  a fitness regime and it would be nice to have someone to do it with

Yes! Me too Judith! I will inbox you! love and light!

Hi My name is Jennifer I am starting as well! I would love to have a accountability buddy too! nothing better than keeping each othe motivated and on the right track...

Hi, my name is Ashley would like an exercise buddy too !

Hi All, my names Desiree, I'm new too xxx


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