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I've searched high and low on how to build bigger visible "muscles" (think fitness models that cover oxygen magazines) on a raw diet and come up with nothing on it?
No food plans at all in the raw circles and really have not seen anyone who lives on a raw diet that is that big and cut (not arnold big but typical weight lifting physique).

Can anyone point me in the right direction?
food plans or foods I need to include daily?
Protein powders?
Raw animal products?

I'm really surprised I have not found any fitness competitors using this lifestyle, unless it's just not possible to achieve on a plant based diet.

I've also thought about taking the diet plans I find from fitness models and making it "raw" sushi meats with raw plant source carbs? Not sure about all the animal foods, they consume a lot of meats!

Thanks for any input :)

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Try asking Mike Vlasty on Facebook or check out his youtube videos FruitandStrength. He has had great results on an 80/10/10 raw vegan lifestyle.

I met him at the Woodstock Fruit Festival, and he demonstrated some great raw dressing recipes.

Very interesting I have not come across that site. Thank you!
I've been looking at it and am familiar with most of them. Men can build musle so much easier than women :-(
Unfortunately I'm going for more muscle than the ladies have on there, they are gorgeous but i am going for really pumping some iron. Not freaky body building but "fitness modeling", perfect example is what jamie eason has accomplished. Ive been vegan and raw for over 20 years and i have never been able to achieve the muscle by the way ive done this (vegan) lifestyle. I had much better muscle development before vegan and raw.

What plant proteins do you find to work best for building and repairing muscle?
Have your muscles shrunk, increased, or stayed the same since switching over?

Thanks :-)


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