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Over 90% of Americans support FDA mandated labeling of genetically engineered foods. Check out this video to see to stars like, Michael J Fox, Ziggy Marley and 25 others celebrities join the millions to voice their support for GE labeling! 

Why is this so important? We have make informed choices as a consumer. We have a right to know about food we eat and feed our families, but under current regulations, we don't have that ability when it comes to GE foods. 

Did you know? The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) may soon approve genetically engineered salmon, which would be the first genetically engineered animal on supermarket shelves in the United States. And the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is considering a new type of herbicide-resistant corn that will promote the use of more chemicals in our food supply.

Speak out! Check out the Just Label It website and join these celebrities (and millions of people like you) in speaking out for our right to know!

About Just Label It:

JUST LABEL IT is a national coalition of more than 600 diverse organizations dedicated to the mandatory labeling of genetically engineered (GE) foods, also referred to as genetically-modified, or GMOs. The Just Label It message is simple: consumers have a right to know about our food so we can make informed choices about what we eat and feed our families.

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I have signed many petitions on this subject....Yes...I want to know!

I'm actually surprised there are not more comments on this blog. Letting something like this slide could very well be the demise of our food supply as we know it. There's a lot of "frankenwhatever" going on and people should be up in arms about it. I have the right to know. Thank you for posting this Penni.

I was shocked getting GMO labeling didn't pass the vote in Ca. - yet everyone I know wants the foods labeled ... like Karen Cacciola I too have signed many petitions on this ... posted about it etc etc... 

Thank you for sharing this Penni.  I have sent the letter to my representatives and am sharing this on facebook to urge my friends to do the same!

I was quite shocked Prop 37 didn't pass.............. frpm certain posts on Facebook, I believe they are working on another petition

Same here, total shock thatProp 37 did nto pass. Seems so counterintuitive to not want to know what is in your food.

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