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Woodstock Fruit Festival 2012 Documentary - Watch Now!

The 2012 festival was ground breaking once again! Only in it's second year, it was more successful than 2011, with more than 100% growth in attendance. The new larger venue, created the safe for a spectacular event to share with new friends and loved ones. 

The nonprofit festival hopes to fill to capacity in 2013 with 700 attendees as the movement towards a raw fruit based diet continues to grow and grow. You can learn more by going to

Enjoy the free viewing of this awesome documentary!

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Great!  I am taking a lunch break...perfect to watch right now!

I LOVE the watermelons!!!

I was given this trip by my husband for our 25th wedding anniversary! Thank you honey!

I am front left in this picture.  I made some amazing new friends, learned from great speakers, hiked a mountain, tried yoga, danced, and played in the lake. Abundant fruits and vegetables, and nothing else, made eating low-fat, raw-vegan easy.  People from all over the world with one thing in common, a desire to eat fruits and vegetables, and yet there was an openness, joy, energy and freedom to be yourself.

Grab a fruit, slice it open and dive in! 

Kind of reminds me of Raw Food Rehab! I wish all of us at the hab could get together like this! I do love our mansion!

WOW! I'm a 60's lovechild so you know I'm diggin' this! It also reminds me of our Pow Wow celebrations ;)) I wanna drink outta that watermelon too! I doubt  i'd be able to make it there but I love it just the same! Best of luck to everyone for all the GREAT years ahead!

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