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Hello Everyone!

I know I've been a little quiet this week, but I have just finished all the recipes and photography for our Resolve to Evolve March Recipe Supplement.  If you are participating in our current 11 Week Total Health & Wellness Initiative or if you have purchased the digital book collection, you can expect to receive your new recipes and photos next week.   Here are a couple of photos to tease you with:


It's not too late to join Resolve to Evolve or if you would like to order just the Resolve to Evolve Digital Collection, without joining the Initiative that is now available by clicking here.

In this set you will receive 3 digital books: 
Resolve to Evolve - 11 Weeks to Optimal Health (the main book)
Resolve to Evolve - In The Kitchen (a collection of over 50 seasonally inspired vegan recipes, mainly raw but with a few healthy cooked options for those who are not 100% raw)
and Resolve to Evolve - The Photos (over 40 beautiful digtial photographs of many of the finished  recipes)
Additionally, there are 2 other documents:
The Resolve to Evolve Market & Pantry List (a shopping guide), 11 Week Initiative Journal Pages & a Main Statistics Sheet.

In addition to the book listed above, you will also receive my February & March Recipe Supplements. February is already out and the March Supplement will be released next week. Altogether there are over 100 delicious recipes & over 70 color photographs.

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Wow!  The photos are gorgeous.  The names of the recipes make my mouth water.  Penni, clearly you've outdone yourself once again!  I SO appreciate all your hard work and look forward to next week.
That polenta has my name all over it. Psyched!

Oh gr8! I just licked my computer screen...!

can't wait!

oh my goodness - does it taste as good as it looks?
So beautiful!
Oh my, those all look tantalizing! A peace torte - great idea!

yummmmm.....can't wait to try! that like debbie v., that polenta is making me drool!

thanks for all you do! you're simply the best, Penni!

Well, talk about enticing!   Penni, you are amazing.  
Oh yes, I sooo want some of that! Awesome job as usual Penni!!
YUMMY!!!!!!!!  Can't wait for some new recipes!
Amazing! Absolutly. Can't wait to receive. Can't wait to try making. Can't wait to taste!

Droooooooolin' over here.....


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