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What Does an 80/10/10 Diet Really Look Like? by Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram

Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram of Rawfully Organic and of FullyRaw teaches you how to Eat 100% FullyRaw! She showcases example meals of a low fat raw vegan diet, and she explains what it looks like to consume a diet that is geared towards 80/10/10 coined by Dr. Douglas Graham. 

She shows examples of what breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals look like, and she even gives estimates for how many calories these meals contain. 

Please also subscribe to Kristina's You Tube channel if you love this information and wish for Kristina to continue to inspire you to be FullyRaw! 

Kristina's FullyRaw Recipe Competition begins on May 21st, and she is giving away a FREE VITAMIX BLENDER as well as 120+ Low Fat Raw Vegan Recipes! Please sign up to share recipes at FullyRaw Facebook:

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Wow!  I'm eating way less than that, but I'm working on weight loss.  It's good to see what such an active person can eat!

At Raw Food Rehab, we are not promoting any one "perfect" way of eating - but we enjoy featuring different perspectives on the raw food diet & strongly promote each individual making choices that resonate with where they are today in their health journey. There is no perfect way - but we are encouraging you to eat more live food & enjoy the clarity to eat intuitively!!

That is a LOT of food. I couldn't eat that salad in a day.

Thanks for posting Penni. So true -many ways to enjoy the raw lifestyle.

Maybe, at different times we need different styles. I appreciate the passion and simplicity of 80/10/10, its followers and people like Kristina and Josh Fossgreen of Raw Food Freedom -young, smart, vibrant and compassionate.

Never too old to learn, I say.


Love me some Kristina!

I enjoy seeing what other people eat.  Especially since I don't hang out with other raw fooder's regularly.  I eat more 70/20/10 (with the 20 being fat) and less calories because I'm working on losing weight.  What does this mean?  Mostly that I eat mono-meals of fruit and a big salad with some hemp and avocado every day.  

I've also taken some raw food prep classes and the chefs who are teaching always say they don't eat the fancy stuff daily, which really helps me keep my perspective and not  feel like I'm missing out on something because I'm losing weight and can't do a whole lot of nuts and oil.

All of which includes, of course, that other people might eat differently and that's fine, I'd really like to see what they eat too.

Beautiful Woman, Beautiful Video!

If this video doesn't entice a person to at least try one day of eating raw vegan . . . . they just aren't ready to give it a try.  Thanks for sharing Kristina's video, Penni.

Love this video and I love Kristina! She is young and much more active than I am right now in my I would cut this menu in half or maybe even thirds for me. Such simple and beautiful meal plans! 

You truly are Rockin the 80/10/10 diet ....woot woot!

Loved her insider look at what to eat on a given Day....thanks so much for sharing This with us

I am always afraid to each that much fruit.  I have a lame mindset of the sugars of fruit (in excess)  being unhealthy.  But if I think thru the premise, it may be that I am eating more nuts, seeds and oils, because I am not eating fruits??   May change it up and see how my body reacts.  Thanks Penni and Kristina!!


What a great vid! Love the peppy music :). Thank you for sharing!

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