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Hello Real Foodie!

A BIG HUGE THANKS to each of you who have ordered a copy of ELEVATED EATS! It's such a pleasure to share this exciting compilation of my work from the last decade with you! 

Over 160 colorful, vibrant, raw & cooked, plant-based & gluten-free recipes to support you in living a more beautiful, elevated life!

If you would like to get your copy, visit this link on our site.

Also - I'll be sharing one FREE recipe from each chapter of my every day this week from my book. Be sure you've signed up to be a member here at Real Food Rehab as I'll send out an email each day after I post so you won't miss one. 

I'll also e sharing another video later this week about my new Real LIFE Rehab private, subscription-based community.  New charter members are checking in daily AND you receive a digital copy of ELEVATED EATS as a thank you for joining the community, which is ONLY $12.99 monthly IF you sign up as a member by the end of February! 

Sending you so much love! See you Soon....


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I am so glad to see you... you look wonderful.. going to have to try all your recipes.. never have been disappointed.. I love creating from your creations.. thanks Penni <3

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