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Today I made a video which is just a continuation of my most recent shared conversations here at RFR and on Facebook...

If you would like to be part of what I am creating in the way of community support for December and would like to make a donation of any size, the link is:

With any size donation, I will email you a confirmation and once the new landing space has the finishing touches on it, I will email you the link to come log in. It will be fairly bare bones at this time, but I am excited about the possibilities of a truly authentic new creation. 

If you are looking for support in attaining or maintaining a 100% raw lifestyle, I want to encourage you to join with my dear friend, Dara Dubinet at: 

She also has a fantastic community site  and you can sign up with More from Dara here: -

It is just $10/mo and you receive exclusive videos from Dara; Dara's Blog, Ask Renee, much more.

I thank you so much for watching and appreciate you.

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I am 100% in favor of getting together Mary!  As for wise women, it takes one to know one.  ;-) Love and big hugs coming your way!

Mary M. said:

Oh, Heather, wow do I miss you!  I live so close now.  We have GOT to get together!

What a wise woman you are ... and, as always, you write beautifully.

Heather L.O.V.E. said:

Penni, whatever twists your journey will take, I do feel that you have been annoited for this task, and will be given whatever is needed to equip you for what you need to do.  I think that is why it was so hard to walk away from all of this.  I think you "happened" to find your Flip when you were ready to use it again. :-) Just like you lost it when you were not feeling like your heart was in it any more... 

Like Marianne Williamson says, who are you to NOT do this?  Whom do we serve by playing small and not sharing what we've learned and what we're learning, right?  So, other people may have been sharing your journey for a time, and have gotten what they needed.  If you take a slightly different path, who is to say which is the right one?  All you can do, and all you have ever done, is be honest about where you are and where you are headed.  Yes, you will probably be condemned by some people, but we all know that some of those people (not naming names, but ahem...I think you know) are not happy unless they are condemning someone.  Anyway, you are not put on this earth to live up to their expectations, or mine, or anyone's but yours and God's. 

This is what I know: you are loving and kind and wise.  You shine.  You are more than what you put in your face.  You have helped countless people and created a special place that has helped so many people heal.  I for one, can't wait to see what you'll create next, and the family that we will build there.  <3 <3<3

I don't get up to Portland too often.  But when I do, I'll let you know.  Would be so good to see you!

Heather L.O.V.E. said:

I am 100% in favor of getting together Mary!  As for wise women, it takes one to know one.  ;-) Love and big hugs coming your way!

Dear Penni,

I just made my donation and I thank you for this honest video. I think you have a sixth sens...or something like this...knowing always at the right time what people need. You are beautiful inside out!!!!

With RFR, I  have been able to maintain a "better life style", I have been eating raw because I love it and my health is never been better than when I do so...but...there is a but...we have winters up here in Canada and raw food is hard in winter even mother nature isn't helping northern countries in that direction...there must be a (natural) reason...may be if I lived in southern California would it be easier all year round? So I eat soups.... and I get into a negative spiral because I cannot stay yes, I will follow your new path with as much if not more, enthousiasm as I did with all what you have done so far.

Thank you for being who you are and for your generosity!!!!!

PS: I am soooo happy to see all the answers that you got it is just amazing how many people love you!

For some reason where the video should be is blank. Can see it

Kim - one other person had a hard time getting it to come up - here is the direct link:

Kim Scheu said:

For some reason where the video should be is blank. Can see it

Just LOVE you.... and SO HAPPY you are evolving and growing...  ANY DIRECTION FORWARD is better than not moving!


Hey Penni!

I’ve been here since Day 1 of Raw Food Rehab and ALWAYS love hearing anything you have to say.  I agree that food is hugely important and . . .fitness, movement, gratitude, community, and more -- are also hugely important to whole wellness.  So much looking forward to the new incarnation of your encouragement and wisdom.  



Love this Penni! Much Love to you!

Congrats to you! I have been in the same place as you for the last 6 months. I had to step away from my site and re-evaluate. I am an ethical vegan and have always been passionate about natural healing. Being a vegetarian and then vegan for most of my life it was natural for me to move into a rawfood lifestyle and start my blog lalaraw. I have always been high-raw but found my audience wanted all raw recipes. For me a healthy lifestyle filled with compassion for ourselves, our environment and humane treatment of animals is what is important to me. I am very active in the animal rights movement in Los Angeles and I would want to post about it on my blog and was told not to bring that element in by many friends, that I would lose followers but for me that was not living my truth.  I am reworking my site now to focus on love across the board with and emphasis on vegan cooked recipes as well as raw without any judgment of those who are not vegan. Just sharing what I have learned and what works for me. I am so glad you made this video. Trust that when you express yourself from an honest place people will come back at you with so much love, grace and gratitude. It took me a long time to learn this myself (Lots of self-work). We are all on our own journeys. I look forward to being involved with and wish the very best. Blessing and light... xoxo Patty

Hi Penni,

One of my core values has always been freedom.  Which is why I sometimes had difficulty with shall we say...passion of some in the raw food community.  :)  Since my raw journey began with Hallelujah Acres, I've never been one of the "must be 100" percenters and have never taught that to any of my clients.  It's also why I hired Karen Knowler as my business coach because even though she's the Raw Food Coach, her mantra has always been to learn to listen to your body because it will tell you what it needs.

So I applaud you my friend - it takes courage to do what you're doing and I personally think it's wonderful.   Anything that inspires people to move towards greater levels of health and away from the SAD diet is beautiful and life-giving in my opinion.  I also love that you're listening to your inner guidance and honoring that voice.  Simply beautiful...

Much love and success to you,


Having a family that is not raw has always been an issue for me. They will eat somethings I make but I end up making 2-3 different meals for dinner and lunch. I want them to eat healthier but not have the stress of trying to do it all. This leads to "failure" on my part of staying raw. I am trying to add some vegan meals as well as healthy organic meat choices to our selection. Do I feel best on raw? Yes. Is it sustainable in my family? No. I would love to see what you have come up with and ways to help my family. Having a son allergic to nuts and having texture issues makes meal time tough. Salad does have texture LOL. Hubby MUST have his meat . Has my family been eating healthier since I joined RFR ? Yes. But again I am always feeling like a faliure when I can't be 100% raw myself :(

So I will be signing up!!


Let it flow - Islegirl! Bless you for your words of truth! You are NOT alone and the reasons you share are why I feel that I must make the shift. Raw Food Rehab will continue to exist as a community service and I am a big believer that everything works out just as it should.

I'm just saying NO to fear and I am glad you are willing to consider doing so as well. I will see you at the new space - just made another video there and I look forward to your comments on today's topic.

Islegirl said:

Hi everyone.

Penni “gets it”. She gets us – knows how we think and feel. How thankful I am to her to have this welcoming new place to come to find like-minded friends and to give support and encouragement and to benefit from each other’s wisdom and experience in many areas of life, no small part of which is food.

Angela and Wanda and I’m sure others of you are so like me – always wanting to do things the “all or nothing” way. And like Gill, I was “never raw enough” except for once (and then I felt better than I ever had). Felt like a failure. But raw always beckons me back yet somehow I am not able to get a foothold. Am afraid of calories, afraid of fat, afraid of rotting my teeth – afraid, afraid, afraid. Eeeek! I can’t just eat “in moderation”. Just can’t do it (unless it’s low carb and by that I mean including meat, fish, dairy and eggs). So my brain is overloaded with tons of information (some great and probably lots of useless stuff re food). I often let myself get too hungry and then binge on pure junk which isn’t even food. Insanity.

I am just now regaining some energy since coming off the Prednisone. So it’s been a full year now. My hair is still thin. My hairdresser said it’s not “burned or broken” but just growing back.

I am going to be 68 in the spring. Yuk. I am also heavier than I’ve ever been and won’t even look at the scales. My eating is definitely “disordered” and even if I weighed less than 120 lbs, I’d likely not like what I saw in the mirror. I am lost. One thing I know for sure, I am determined to not delete anything I write here this time around – no matter how much it sounds like I am just feeling sorry for myself. I need to have a journal to be able to re-read – to see if I can see patterns and to see progress.

So glad to be here with all of you and my heart is hopeful again in spite what I’ve just written.

Oops!  I think I've commented twice now.  I thought there were two separate discussions going on in two different places.  Well, now you really know me.

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