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Today I made a video which is just a continuation of my most recent shared conversations here at RFR and on Facebook...

If you would like to be part of what I am creating in the way of community support for December and would like to make a donation of any size, the link is:

With any size donation, I will email you a confirmation and once the new landing space has the finishing touches on it, I will email you the link to come log in. It will be fairly bare bones at this time, but I am excited about the possibilities of a truly authentic new creation. 

If you are looking for support in attaining or maintaining a 100% raw lifestyle, I want to encourage you to join with my dear friend, Dara Dubinet at: 

She also has a fantastic community site  and you can sign up with More from Dara here: -

It is just $10/mo and you receive exclusive videos from Dara; Dara's Blog, Ask Renee, much more.

I thank you so much for watching and appreciate you.

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Thank you Penni for just being you!  Your offer of support is very timely and much needed and appreciated.  I look forward to sharing the next part of my spiritual and physical journey with you.


Oh, Heather, wow do I miss you!  I live so close now.  We have GOT to get together!

What a wise woman you are ... and, as always, you write beautifully.

Heather L.O.V.E. said:

Penni, whatever twists your journey will take, I do feel that you have been annoited for this task, and will be given whatever is needed to equip you for what you need to do.  I think that is why it was so hard to walk away from all of this.  I think you "happened" to find your Flip when you were ready to use it again. :-) Just like you lost it when you were not feeling like your heart was in it any more... 

Like Marianne Williamson says, who are you to NOT do this?  Whom do we serve by playing small and not sharing what we've learned and what we're learning, right?  So, other people may have been sharing your journey for a time, and have gotten what they needed.  If you take a slightly different path, who is to say which is the right one?  All you can do, and all you have ever done, is be honest about where you are and where you are headed.  Yes, you will probably be condemned by some people, but we all know that some of those people (not naming names, but ahem...I think you know) are not happy unless they are condemning someone.  Anyway, you are not put on this earth to live up to their expectations, or mine, or anyone's but yours and God's. 

This is what I know: you are loving and kind and wise.  You shine.  You are more than what you put in your face.  You have helped countless people and created a special place that has helped so many people heal.  I for one, can't wait to see what you'll create next, and the family that we will build there.  <3 <3<3

Thank you for your honesty Penni! I too have been on a similar journey to yours the past year and questioning my path. I am not 100% anything because to do that for me, makes a religion out of an eating lifestyle and then I want to rebel against it. I am ready to embark on this new journey with you lovely Penni!

Just being YOU is who you need to be...Follow that and you will never go wrong!

Encouraging others comes naturally....It flows...

Always here hangin' with you!

Would you mind putting the link to the new site on here?  I just did my donation. Thanks and if you need any help, let me know! :)

I TOTALLY agree with you about Mary, and Mary, I TOTALLY agree with you about Penni. Authenticity and grace are
so present in all of you!! Love being part of this group!! xoxo
Avril said:

I feel Mary you are a perfect spokeswoman for so many of us!  I would loved to have continued a 'total raw food lifestyle' but alas, I'm unable to follow through! 

So good to hear from you Penni---I have missed your videos and wondered if you were OK.  As others have said, you are an amazing soul...honest and straight forward....telling it like it is.  I, too, have backed off a bit on the fully was actually turning around and causing me not to feel as well as I first did when I switched over.  I do love all the flavor that raw food presents.  I was never on a SAD and never will be.  I have found my own whole food path and find that increased probiotics and gluten free diet really does me the most good.  So, I have concluded that most of my health issues stemmed from a wheat sensitivity.  Of course with food being so GMO my body did not make the transition because it started out being fed REAL whole food of over a half century ago.  :-)  God bless you, Penni....I think you are a terrific person who knows how to follow her heart and as we know, He is always there the guide us.  Hugs.... :-)

Oh, Miss Penni you are such an inspiration to me! I just can't tell you how much I appreciate your honesty and truth.  I will definately be tuning in to the new space.  Isn't just amazing how life unfolds with twists and turns that we have no idea why or where we will be going but it is what it is.  I was that student a couple years ago when I needed a teacher..... low and behold  you appeared :-)  I have learned so much from you in my own life's journey that I could never put into words, I am just so grateful for you! Thank you for all you do for all of us!  Will RFR still be around after you start this new community? I sure hope so.  Hugs~~~

Lovely video, your words of honesty found me in the right place at the right time.  Count me in.  I got up a few minutes earlier this morning to be able to watch your video in full while it was quiet.  Time to hustle, I will catch up with you soon.

I just want you all to know that I have read every comment and I am deeply grateful for your encouragement and for your willingness to be part of this ongoing journey of elevating our health in ways that are sustainable. It has often troubled me that we've done the cleanses and even the stints of eating all raw foods for health & weight loss reasons, but numerous circumstances (time, money, family, work, travel, etc.) seem to derail us.  That creates a negative self-talk/thought process and words like "I'm just a failure... I can't do this.... this is too hard" and more fill our head and heart and we just say screw it. 

As all of you know, food is just one spoke on the good wheel of real health and it is always an interesting subject matter that most of us tend to enjoy, so I suppose that is why I always start there. But I am passionate about us finding ways to make real and lasting shifts that aren't hard... in fact, even enjoyable!  No-stress eating and living is what I desire!

Anyway - I love you all very much and I will be working all day on the little mechanical details of our new temporary landing site and will get the welcome video made.  We will be starting totally from scratch - no digital materials will there waiting on you today, but I will be and we'll build it together. Watch your inbox later today for the link to get in - xoxox

Dear, Penni:

I sincerely hope many people watch your video even if they cannot make a donation to your new community.  This video examples honesty delivered in a package of unconditional love.  That gets difficult. Especially, since we don't want to disappoint anyone while obeying the call to honor God's wisdom.  Stand firm to the truths you hold inside.  Follow that voice and let your God given gifts of encouragement and leadership bless you as well.  It has been an encouragement to watch your videos and watch you grow as you share your journey.  You are a brave woman.

Love, hugs & prayers for your continued success.

Penni, this is a wonderful idea!  Especially for people who are transitioning from cooked to raw, or just want to eat healthier than they've been eating, or still eating some cooked food but trying to maintain a HIGH raw lifestyle (like me).  Count me in!  :)

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