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In today's video I share a very simple, elementary tidbit that I first heard from David Wolfe that has been one of things that has helped  the most on my raw food journey.

Do you have a simple truth or tidbit that you've learned that has made a helpful difference in how you approach this healthier lifestyle?  We'd sure love to hear from you on this today!

Today's video quickly transcribed by Bette:
".....super basic elementary stuff that has also been one of the things that has helped me most. One of the top three things that has helped over the past five years. Something I always come back to it and always feel great. Always feel like I am a raw success even if not perfect or 100 percent.
First went raw, off to a great start, did the deal, religious convert to raw, sure I drove people crazy because I felt amazing! I mean I lost weight, symptoms of IBS went away. Got tired, burnt out, vascillating and dabbling and got into cooked food items, symptoms started coming back.

Listening to tele seminar,David Wolfe speaking, someone asking questions...."having a hard time, , dont know what to do, how do I make this diet work for me,whats your advice?"...David said "you dont have to go 100 percent to experience amazing benefits to your health." Do this: drink 32 ounces of green juice a day. This is something that is non-negotiable for me. "Another thing, that i snon negotiable, is to have one big epic salad either at lunch or dinner. Lotsa leafy greens and with as much color as you can get in it...sprouts, carrots, no processed salad dressing.

All the other stuff that may or may not happen thoughout the day but this is non-negotiable. Lightbulb went off, I thought maybe I needed to stop this obsession with being so perfect. Raw food police going to come and arrest me because I had eaten a bite of my daughters mashed potatoes or something. One little tidbit that I always come back too. So when I veer off or things not quite right, hear David saying "have you had your 32 ounces of green juice today or your epic salad?

Do you have one little tidbit or truth that has helped you?"

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Light and simple always helps me feel my best as well and smoothie/juice and a variety of beautiful colors are always on the menu no matter whatever else is going on!!!
Sometimes (ok, often) I get bored of making salads. So I try to get the same ingredients just in a different form. I just eat the veggies cut-up with dip and the lettuce stuffed in wraps or something. I've never been a big salad person so I have to make it more interesting for myself.
Thank you for this Penni. I also have a green smoothie EVERYDAY, even if I eat something that's not raw. This always helps me. I'll try to add a salad everyday just like the green smoothie. Thank you, thank you. One thing that has helped me is to squirt some lemon into my water every morning, and throughout the day. I like the taste and makes me look forward to drinking my water. Blessings
This is great, and what perfect timing!
I was just telling my husband that the way I'd like to try balancing food for them (so they're no longer resorting to junk food) + food for me (as healthy as I can get it) is:

morning: green smoothie or soup or juice
lunch: salad
dinner: vegan dinner for the family, usually cooked but sometimes raw, and keeping it as whole foods as possible, and if I'd prefer to also make another salad for myself or something else raw, so be it.

So after about 1 and a half years of being in the garage, yesterday we moved the stove/oven back into the house, and so far so good. Everyone loved the veggie gumbo last night for dinner and I was happy having some balance/sanity in the kitchen.

I can still have my green smoothie/juice/soup and epic salad, and still feel good about what my family is eating too.
Win win!

Such synchronicity in your message today!
This is great advise, and is exactly what has helped me to not only remain high raw, but also to develop a preference to it. It is said that our taste buds change every 3 weeks. I don't know if that is true or not, but I do know that drinking green juice and green smoothies every day has helped me to develop a preference for raw foods. When I eat cooked foods that I used to love, the taste just is not there anymore. I can hardly believe that I actually prefer raw foods most of the time. This realization has helped me to snuff out the common objection heard from those who prefer the SAD diet, "Ewww! How can you eat nothing but salads and fruit all day?" No one could possibly object to eating greens more than I used to, and now I love them! So DOING the walk is what helps to keep me on the journey.
Excellent advice! I too seem to find keeping it simple is the key for me. Thank Penni!
my secret is to eat as much fresh, ripe, raw, organic fruit in the morning as i want, until my sweet tooth is fully satisfied... so i won't fall prey to craving sweets. if i do later 'need' a sweet later, i make a mixture of: seeds or nuts + dates + cacao or vanilla or cinnamon... or have an apple.

i always have a HUGE wonderful salad. lately i've been making sure i have something fermented in it too... either seed cheese or homemade sauerkraut.

when i feel a need for something complicated, i make some pizza rounds with buckwheat, carrot & other veggies + herbs & fennel... dehydrate that and put ANYTHING on it - olives, tomato, pesto, seed cheese - and it tastes good enough to be called pizza.
Green Smoothies BABY! : )

I made alot and I am willing to share! : ) Take one off my tray as I walk by!

Green Smoothies give so much nourishment and they are guaranteed to chase away cravings! : ) I keep my Green Smoothie lazer in my hand at all chase away any Munchie Monsters that might be lurking around the corner! : )

Just the advice I needed today THANKS Penni! xox
Thank you Penni, -for a busy day it's spinach and seaweed at 11 AM. Every day, 4 liter of Gerolsteiner water, a liter in the morning before eating (colorful papaya this morning) and three liter afternoon-through the evening. It's the fourth liter that is the helpful difference.
Shall try more colors in salads-thank you Penni.
That is pretty much my basic diet I try to stick to. I have juice or a green smoothie in the AM and then a salad for lunch. That's what I try to tell friends to do when they want to get healthier. Today I veered off the path though, and made a totally decadent fig/banana/hemp seed/coconut and cacao smoothie. Thank goodness it only made a pint, because it was very rich. It wasn't the same as a green smoothie though. I feel a lot better after those.
OK!! Penni.....that could have been Matt talking to me. He totally believes that one can be healthy on a whole food diet eliminating refined sugars and processed starches. Those are two big no no's! The thing that got me started, about the same time that you started your journey, was watching him make those humongous salads with a variety of veggies, sprouts, dulce, etc. Avocado was also one of his favorites that he frequently mashed up and mixed into his salads as a dressing (probably mixed with other things, but the avo is what stood out for me). I don't think he does quite as heavy a dish now, but not sure. And, of course, the green juices, throughout the day. So, my main thrust has been to eliminate refined sugars and processed starches, as you know, which I have been quite successful at; increase my juicing, which still is not where I would like it to be; and replace all the naughty items I used to love with other items that serve the same purpose and have become a part of my daily regimen! If I err, I am well aware of it and try to be forgiving of self; it is usually when taking a taste of something and is usually quite a small taste. This is all a challenge that I find very exciting. And, salads are my very favorites as there are so many items one can put into them for variety. Friends, enjoy! Just continue to do the best you can!!

Joan Monarch

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