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I feel so blessed to have met some truly amazing people this past weekend while in Stephenville, Texas. One special individual is Steve Crider from Chickasha, Oklahoma. For the last 11 weeks, Steve has been changing his life, one sip at a time. A 40 year old photographer and Realtor who woke up one days sick and tried of being sick and tired, Steve embarked on a 100 day juice fast to lost weight and get healthy. In the past 77 days, Steve has kicked over 70 pounds to the curb and is realizing that the man he was then is no longer the man he is today. Look at the difference in just 50 days of being on just juice:

Today I am sharing a couple of videos that Steve has on his You Tube channel from our time in Stephenville - but I want to encourage you to go subscribe to his channel, friend him here at the Hab and connect on Facebook. I sense big things coming from Steve and I know your encouragement and support would mean a lot to him as he continues his juice fast and journey of total life transformation.

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Steve, you are a rawkin' Okie!!!!  Our state has a lot of obesity, doesn't it???? thanks for making the view a LOT better!!!  Congratulations on your weight loss journey!!  YOU are an inspiration. ~Sassafras

Yaaaayyyyyy Steve!

I have just begun my juicing raw foods way of life. I found some old trousers that are from my lower weight past and put them on hangers in my extra room and gave myself a date of 20th of November to be able to fit into them. Now today, when I check my email and the site you are in my face with this wonderful testimonial! Yippeeee! Givin' me gumption to go on my friend!

I have been watching Steve's you tube and soe are very silly ,and that is great fun.......Great job so far Steve!
Yay Steve!
Great Job Steve!!!! hugs

You look fantastic, very well done and hope you have a fantastic life with all of your hard work.

Kathy =B-)

Hi Kelly,

Angela Stokes, Philip McCluskey & Joe Cross are amazing examples of people who have done long term juicing for cleansing and weight loss and have kept it all off.  It is totally up to the person and their lifestyle.  If a person juices and loses 100 pounds, breaks the fast and returns to their old lifestyle and way of eating, then yes, they will gain all the weight back.  If someone loses 100 pounds on juicing and makes a lifestyle shift that includes a diet very high in raw fruits & vegetables and no processed, fried, nutrient deficient foods - they will keep off the weight and gain continuing betterment in their health as they stay the course and add exercise to the routine.

Kelly OBrien said:

I have a question and I am asking w/ heart & very sincerely.  Wouldn't everyone lose weight after just drinking juice for 50 days?  Yes.   I want to know what happens when people go back to actually eating food.  I am coming in closer contact w/ more & more people who are vegans, raw foodiests, etc.  I hear from a lot that they juice, lose weight & then gain it all back.  I feel like it's the question that a lot of people are thinking but no one wants to ask.  So, I am asking on behalf of my Vegan meetup team in Chicago - we all have been watching the videos together.

GLOW, GUY! Your choices are working wonders!

Thanks for sharing :)


Steve, you look great, and you are doing awesome work! Thanks for sharing your very inspiring journey.
AWESOME Steve - so glad to "meet" you - you INSPIRE me :)
you look wonderful

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