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I feel so blessed to have met some truly amazing people this past weekend while in Stephenville, Texas. One special individual is Steve Crider from Chickasha, Oklahoma. For the last 11 weeks, Steve has been changing his life, one sip at a time. A 40 year old photographer and Realtor who woke up one days sick and tried of being sick and tired, Steve embarked on a 100 day juice fast to lost weight and get healthy. In the past 77 days, Steve has kicked over 70 pounds to the curb and is realizing that the man he was then is no longer the man he is today. Look at the difference in just 50 days of being on just juice:

Today I am sharing a couple of videos that Steve has on his You Tube channel from our time in Stephenville - but I want to encourage you to go subscribe to his channel, friend him here at the Hab and connect on Facebook. I sense big things coming from Steve and I know your encouragement and support would mean a lot to him as he continues his juice fast and journey of total life transformation.

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wOw! Steve! You totally look like two different people! The "now" you? Your eyes are open and alive! So cool! Keep on keeping on!!!

Very Inspirational!  Great Job!


What a transformation Steve!  You look awesome!

Way to go Steve!

Thank You all so much! All of your comments mean the world to me. You are all great and we can change the world. Thank you Penni
Steve, you are really inspiring. So nice to meet you and to see more about you. I really appreciate these videos and all the info. Thanks to Penni and glad you are all having such a great time and sharing with us here.
Good Job Brother Steve. Tell your Mom I said Hi. One thing I think I forgot to say to you in Texas is to listen to your body. Your body will talk to you and tell you what it needs. Your body is your best friend and you want to give it what it wants. Don't focus on how many days but when you feel you should go back on food. Another thing is that how you transition back on food is extremely important also. Just think your choises out carefully. You have my card if you need me. Your Friend Bill
Your vids are so funny and inspiring, Steve. Keep up the great work! And thank you for doing what you are doing!!!
Steve...that is such a wonderful change...praise be to the power of juice!
We ought to get together. We are so close !! S. OKC here :-)
Lets do it girl. I have seen your videos

WendySmiling said:
We ought to get together. We are so close !! S. OKC here :-)

Great inspirational story.................

Thank you

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