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Do you regularly maintain a raw food, vegan, gluten-free or other such raw friendly holistic health related blog/You Tube channel outside of the confines of Raw Food Rehab? I am currently in the planning stages for 2013 and I would like for you to share your blog with me and with our community.  If you maintain an active blog (updating it at least once every two weeks)please type your URL in the comments below and please tell us us a little bit about what we will find there.

I believe that we have an amazing community here at Raw Food Rehab, and that many of our members are helping to lead the way by doing their part to usher in a new Health Revolution. There is so much that we can learn and offer by following and supporting each other as we collectively spread the good news of restoring health & wellness to the world! 

Please also be sure to read our Community Ground Rules.  We very much appreciate you and your present here at RFR!!

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I don't update every two weeks but this is a specific healthy blog. Neither is it raw only part raw. You decide if you are interested:-

Mine is not a blog that I post on regularly..more a listing of all raw and vegan blogs and info sites that I love.  I  maintain it regularly so all websites there are active, and I also(when possible) note which blogs are not 100% raw.

I also have a raw and vegan recipe and info page on Facebook

Hi Penni,

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to share! I love it.

The Healing Feast: The Art of Intuitive Eating, Raw Food, and Living a Life of Love.

The Healing Feast is about love, raw food, and intuitive eating. In these ways we love ourselves, our bodies, our families, friends, and the world.

Healing is the avenue through which we become whole. There are so many levels and ways to approach healing, and every person’s way is unique. By listening to our inner wisdom we come to understand what foods are best to eat, what life-style is best to pursue and enjoy—and what practices can be established for our highest good.

Each post features a delicious raw food recipe with beautiful photographs, and a special section that features a story of a spiritual and uplifting nature, as well as information about what I’m going through in my personal journey, and links to exciting and inspiring websites.

The Healing Feast just celebrated its five year anniversary, so there’s a storehouse of recipes and stories in our archive, all there for people to access and enjoy.

The Healing Feast is about supporting each and every person in their process of becoming their most authentic, beautiful self.

For those with blogs let me know if you would like to be added to my's a nice way for people new to vegan and raw foods to find links to the best blogs and info on one page.

Thanks! :)

Rhonda, use my blog if you find it worthwhile

Hi Penni (and Co.),

You’ll find green smoothie and raw food recipes plus a bit on yoga and other personal experiences – generally awareness based (self-discovery). You’ll find some other quirky posts there that might make you smile.  Dave

I am currently on Day 8 of a 42 consecutive day blog about a fasting/self-discovery journey. I post frequently about food, health and related topics.

Eating high raw/vegan has helped to alleviate my Crohn's symptoms. You will find pics of what I eat, new recipes, product reviews and lots of positivity! 

I maintain a blog and Youtube channel that highlights my personally created raw (sometimes not entirely raw) vegan recipes and I share information about weight loss (I've lost almost 90 pounds and counting), motivation, and other tid-bits that surround the vegan and raw-food movement!

I try to update at least once a week...although we're currently building our home with our own two hands and things have been hectic! But I am back in the saddle and have lots of new content planned :)

You can find my content here:

My blog is The Raw Difference: Real food for beauty, energy, and a smaller butt! I guess that tells you what I'm about: helping people look better and feel better with a diet high in raw foods. I post new articles once or twice a week. I write raw food recipes, articles on weight loss, raw food product reviews, and the like. I'm not the best photographer, but I'm getting better, and hoping Santa will leave a new camera in my stocking this year!

Readers who subscribe by email get extra goodies, like a Raw Food Cheat Sheet I'll send out next week. But subscription is absolutely not necessary to get most of the information. And I'm always available to answer readers' questions via email or in comments, no matter how they find me.

 I can't wait to check out some of the other Rehabbers' blogs. I need to get active here again!

I blog generally more than once a week but my blog is about being gluten-free, organic, and how I balance raw vs. cooked.  I like to also show how fun and easy raw and nutritional food can be.  You can see it at:

Kindred Wholistic is my Wordpress blog about alternative health & healing modalities + my own personal  journey back to health from hypothyroidism, insulin resistance, and endocrine/hormonal imbalance...oooh not to mention I've lost 50 pounds!!! I'm not quite there yet - still some more wt to shed but it's going.

I also post inspirational messages/quotes along with my own photography. I have fun with it so that's what counts.

Anyway, I look forward to connecting to everyone again! Thank you for the opportunity Penni!! xo


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