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Rockin' Wellness Superfood Shake Giveaway - ENTER NOW!

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Last week I announced the new release of :

Rockin' Wellness - Recipes to Improve Your Focus.Energy.Mood

Rockin' Wellness was created by two music-loving, health-minded individuals who agree that optimal health and function are the true keys, to not only survive, but to also thrive in any walk of life.

Co-owner, Seth Luker, a music tour manager, has fought off stage IV cancer twice and his business partner Mike Wall, a musician and self-taught health guru who continues to battle an adult form of muscular dystrophy, know how important it is to maintain peak performance while on the go. Rockin’ Wellness was created from the heart by these two men who have been on an extreme journey of healing. 

Seth & Mike have researched and sought out the best ingredients that the world has to offer and through much trial and error, developed this amazing and energizing drink. So, whether someone is traveling for a living, working a 9 to 5 desk job or is a busy mom or college student, Rockin' Wellness makes it  effortless to enjoy a delicious mix of raw cacao, goji berries, chia seeds, hulled hemp seeds, yerba mate, maca root and more. Rockin’ Wellness is a great tasting, easy-to-make shake mix that aids in weight maintenance and provides a healthy probiotic blend focusing on pure plant based nutrition.

Rockin' Wellness - Recipes to Improve Your Focus.Energy.Mood was created by Cleanse America founder Paul Risse and yours truly.  The recipes were designed to help support, invigorate and heal your body, while enticing and satisfying your palate. So, not only is Rockin’ Wellness an incredible addition to your morning or post-workout shake – it is also ideal when used as a foundational addition to the recipes you eat and enjoy for life!

Click here to order your copy of  ($9.99)

Rockin' Wellness - Recipes to Improve Your Focus.Energy.Mood

And to sweeten the deal for Valentine's Day - Raw Food Rehab, Cleanse America & Rockin' Wellness are offering a bag of Rockin' Wellness Total Body Health Shake (value $50) to 3 lucky winners!  

To enter:

Type your name, where you're from & why you'd like to win a bag of Rockin' Wellness into the comments below.

The winner will be drawn this Wednesday - so be sure to sign up immediately and tune back in here to Raw Food Rehab to see if you are one of our winners!

GOOD LUCK & use this link to tell your friends on Facebook or Twitter: 

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Hi you guys!

My name is Isabelle Martin and I'm from Quebec, Canada (I'm French-Canadian). I'd LOVE to win because I've been alone on Valentine's Day for more than 7 years and I need some kind of comfort...

Kathleen Campbell in Northern California. I would love to receive Rockin' Wellness because I believe its important to surround yourself with books, blogs, and people that are inline with the way you desire to live. 

 Tina Christopher . Bermuda. I have suffered from severe anemia, female conditions and now gall -stones. I difficult and expensive to get good and healthy foods on the island  in terms of variety and quality with the salary I am currently on. I am so convicting to get healthy again and maintain this vegan lifestyle. Thanks

Karen Hill, Virginia Beach, VA...Win a bag of Rockin Wellness?...well OMGosh who wouldn't...that stuff is AWESome and I need more to go along with the AWEsome eBook I got....Over the top AWESOMENESS :0)


Lyza Muckler, from Milan MI....I'd love to win a bag because it sounds rather healthy and delicious and it'd be an easy thing to add to recipes to share with friends and let them feel the health benefits without them having to watch me go through a whole lot of preparation and dread trying to lead healthy lifestyles on their own time. :P

I am Sunny, originally from Germany, but live in Princeton, NJ, now. I'd love to win a bag of Rockin' Wellness because I am one of those 'super busy' people who try their best to eat raw and well all day, but sometimes life just gets so busy that the hunger pangs feel like an emergency situation and I will just bite into whatever is available. A shake like that would be easy and fast to make....and I'd get all the good nutrition, too!

Good Morning!

My name is Linda Walton-Robinson, and I'm from Stockton California (near Sacramento). I'd love a bag of Rockin' Wellness because I'm always looking for new, natural ways to improve my health. I'm begining to transition into a vegan lifestyle and I'm finding it a challenge. Perhaps Rockin' Wellness can help. I'm a college student and I work part-time, so the price is perfect for me to see if this will help me in my health goals.


Have an awesome day!

indigo in Austin, Texas.  I would love to have a product like this to mix things up a bit.

Hi! I'm Teresa Calouche from Montreal Quebec! I'd love to win a bag of Rockin' Wellness because I have heard such great things about it. I also have FM and CFS, and am looking for an easy, nutritious, living foods supplement to help with my energy, health and mood! So excited to be here:) Blessings! xo

I would definitely buy the e-book if I had the Rockin' Wellness powder.  Need to lose some more weight and would use this to assist.  Joanne in Maryland

Tami S. Decatur, IL

So excited about this opportunity for someone to be blessed with such a generous gift.  Great name for the gift/shake but Raw Food Rehab IS about Rockin' Wellness. I pray blessings on you all. I would love to win. I am trying to get back to good health after making many compromises in my diet due to the stress and overwhelming work and grief associated with losing my mother 3 months ago. Thank you for all you do.

hi,   Janette  N.,   Louisville, KY

I would love to win the bag of health shake because I have no doubt they are delicious and full of nutrients!!   I'd love to share it with my family, as  I am working on winning them over to a healthier lifestyle!!!   Ordering the book, and can't wait to try the recipes!


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