Real Food Rehab

No rigid rules, labels or dogmas.... just REAL food, for your body, mind & soul!

Cleanse America is now open for registration for their first official 10-Day virtual cleanse which will kick off on Monday, April 9th (the day after Easter)..

From Cleanse America Founder Paul Risse:

"The cost to become a premium participant is $25 and for that you'll be getting a blueprint on how to restructure and rebuild your health from the ground up.

The group of Wellness Warriors we've been interviewing for Cleanse America's first launch will blow your mind and inspire you to embrace your new personal best.

Linda Wagner tells of her journey and discovering balance with food. She sheds tremendous insight into the most important part of a healthy lifestyle.

Bill Barlow has one of the most heartfelt, truthful and inspiring stories you have heard. Once you hear his story you will realize nothing can stand in your way if you set your mind and heart to a goal. Thanks Bill!!

Dr. Linda Heflin shares eye opening insights and statistics about the current state of health in America. You will be blown away at the direct and indirect correlations between obesity and many of the common ailments of our modern culture. I look forward to watching Dr. Linda step into her role as America's Doctor :)

Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram from Rawfully Organic shares her story of healing and her journey with living optimally as a low fat raw vegan. She has been exploding with popularity in Houston and spreading her message with love to all who will hear. It was a true pleasure to meet her and Cleanse America looks forward to sharing her message.

Russell James aka (The) most famous raw food chef in the UK (although he's left his heart here in the US), will share how his raw food journey began with a cleanse. RJ is one of the finest people I know and has a witty British humor to help wash down his delectable treats.

Penni Shelton is the mastermind, muse and project coordinator for Cleanse America. She has written several books and runs Raw Food Rehab. She is a blessing on every level and makes every interview a true joy to watch. Thanks Penni for what you bring to the world.

We have a few more videos to shoot with more amazing Wellness Warriors, including Dara Dubinet, this years winner of Sexiest Raw Female, makes the most amazing elixirs, juices, smoothies and well pretty much everything she touches turns to gold!!! Check out her You Tube videos and Facebook page if you feel like drooling :)

Seth Hayhurst and Daniel Hayhurst have provided synergy, intelligence, humor and passion to all things Cleanse America. Their company Smooth Stone Productions just released Average Joe on the Raw. Shot with a true human touch the story of star Seth (Average Joe) could be applied to every unhealthy individual in the nation. Looking for inspiration and laughter. Look no further my friends!

I, Paul, will be sharing on a variety of topics, including exercise, goal setting and mind set. I will also be sharing my vision and calling with Cleanse America.

P.S. Did I mention that in addition to all of the above we have digital material that provides over 80 of the most delicious recipes from some of our favorite chefs in the world? Yep, you get that as well."

Come join us for Cleanse America and be a part of the Transformation of a Nation.

Click HERE to register!!

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Just signed up thanks can"t wait!

Signed up yesterday and ready to go!! So excited!

Just done it!!!! Thank you to everyone for all this work!

This is awesome. Can't wait to start.

Hey guys, I wonder, do you have any idea what the approx cost will be per day or for the whole 10 days of cleanse?  I imagine it will be TONS of fruits/vegs, so b4 I spend $25 on this, I want to make sure I will be able to afford the actual cleanse!  Altho, whether or not I can, I'm sure it will be lots of great info that I can use for life, so I will probably buy it anyway.  Any idea?  I seem to remember Penni telling us how much it was costing her to do a cleanse not too long ago and I just remember freaking out a little at the price!  lol   Thanks!  Kris

The captions don't work well on the videos using Transcribe Audio (it sucks big time).  How can the deaf people participate in the program? 

There are beautiful printed and pictures...

dodi elli said:

The captions don't work well on the videos using Transcribe Audio (it sucks big time).  How can the deaf people participate in the program? 

Yes I'm ready, signed up and waiting!


I am very excited about this event! I joined CleanseATX and on the first day of the cleanse activities I became very ill with fevers and flu yuckies (I had been juicing a week before) and missed almost all the events! I even missed hearing Bill speak and was very sad about that :( Today is first day of feeling better and I am ready to keep going! Glad to be part of this event too!

Hope no major healing crises this round.

what does this involve?  I am interested but am not clear of the details. Ye I am new to this lifestyle.

I am in, hope I can go the distant.

YAY!!!!!! I signed up the other day......thanks for another opportunity to grow and learn.....I needed this especially that April 24th I will be having my right shoulder joint replaced. 

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