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As you may know, our first 11 Week Total Health & Weight Loss Initiative ended last Friday, so now is an ideal time for us to reassess our own personal goals before our new Initiative begins next Saturday, April 10th. I have been receiving many emails from new members of RFR asking for specific details about the Initiative and The Vault and my plan is to address those questions over these next several days.

If you are new to our site, please look at this collection of informative posts:

Within that inclusive post, you'll find 2 discussions that will help you to understand our objectives for our 11 Week Initiatives, which are:

There are many other helpful articles in that thread, but those 2 are critical to review before you start our next 11 Wk Initiative.

We'll be talking more about The Vault tomorrow, but today I want to share with you some of the weight loss totals from the 11 Wk. Vault Experience that we just ended. Altogether we had about 185 members sign up to be in the Vault, but only 53 RFR members actually completed the 11 Weeks. Of our 53 finishers, 44 people lost weight and 31 lost 10 lbs.or more. As a group we dropped right around 600 POUNDS! Way to GO Vaultlings!!  Here is a list of our "biggest losers:"

Screen Name & Pounds Lost

Carl Jacobs  37
Danielle Lujan 27
Em Roeher  27
Kat  26
Debbie V  21
Karen Johnson 20.5
Rita 20
Melanie Jannery 19
Sara'i Hezekyah 19
Sandra Lambert  18
Calyne 17
Judy Boehmke 15.5
Whitney 15.5
Chris 15.2
Denise Coleman Lyng 15
KJ Lively  14
Alicia Knotts  13
Candice  13
Gordo's Wife 13
Karen Dorcas
Karen 12.4
Ann Fritz  12
Kelly 12
Michelle K 12
Papajoe 12
Angela 11.5
Bobz  11
Nikki 10.4
Ronda 10
Shanita Goode 10
Yours Truly : ) 10

I honestly consider everyone who weighed in each week and finished their commitment to be a winner, regardless of what their scale says. For many people, the weekly weigh in cultivates discipline and fosters an awareness that is very beneficial. There is also a camaraderie that naturally occurs within a smaller focus group and that element is equally as helpful to many of the Vaultlings. We'll continue our discussion on the Vault tomorrow, but for now, join me in applauding our biggest losers!!

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Congratulations!! Applause applause applause... and bravo too!
Congrats to you all!!!
I am looking forward to the next one. The weather is getting better and I will have more time to walk outside with daylight savings time.
Congratulations, all of you!
Congratulations to all of you on your success!

You omitted my lbs. lost! 18 pounds :)

OOPPS! That must have been when the phone rang! Your amazing 18 lbs. is now PROUDLY posted!

Sandra Lambert said:

You omitted my lbs. lost! 18 pounds :)

I plan on getting in on this again. Our move really messed up with my plans to follow thru on the last one. Congrats to all of you wonderful losers!!! YAY!!!! I want to be one of you this next challenge!!
Fantastic job everyone! Those are some amazing numbers. I am gearing up for the next one.
Congrats! Job well done everyone!
Raw does the body gooooooooooooood! : )
Well done. You have done great stuff lost weight and made some healthy changes to your life.

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