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I have been passionate about juicing for over 25 years. Over the course of the last couple of decades, I've read and studied volumes of material on the topic and each work has made an impact on my understanding and enthusiasm about the topic. The one common denominator between authors and health experts from many differing backgrounds is that they typically agree that juicing is a superior way to get optimum nutrition into one’s body. Fresh juices, blended drinks and the highly charged, mineralized and alkaline water they contain can repair, protect, energize, improve and heal the body. Because there is already so much quality information available regarding the health benefits of juicing, I haven’t spent much time trying to convince you of such in Real Juice Daily.

Real Juice Daily is the complete story of my 3 month juice feast. The nearly 150 pages of information has been taken directly from my journal and is complete with photographs, recipes and daily reflections. I share with you why I decided to undertake such a commitment, how I did it and all of the intimate and juicy details that surrounded my life during that time. I believe this book can be a helpful guide and inspiration to you if you are considering a juice feast or if you just want to add more juice into your daily routine.

Real Juice Daily is a helpful guide, filled with inspiration for anyone considering a juice feast, fast or if one simply desires to add more delicious, healing juice into their daily routine.

Real Juice Daily is available for purchase through Paypal for $19.99

*Members of RFR qualify for an immediate download and a special price of $12.00 by clicking here!*

I hope that you will enjoy reading my journey and that you'll join me for more juicy adventures in the days and weeks to come!

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Just ordered.....XOXOXOX
I am looking forward to reading more about juice feasting and in particular , your experience. By the time you read this, I will have ordered my copy. :)
me, too - congratulations Penni, and thank you, I look forward to diving into the juicy content of this beautiful creation!
Just ordered! So excited Penni! I am very curious about juice feasting, and just love your writing! Love to you!
Thanks! Just ordered my copy! Trying to decide whether to join the juice feast. Maybe this will help with my decision.
This is great! It will help so many people on their raw cleansing journey! : )
I just ordered!! Thanks Penni!
ordered. psyched!
Thanks Penni!
Yippee! I'm almost through with "Raw Food Cleanse," and I love it, but I can't wait to start reading this, as juicing is calling to me. I think I will read this one simultaneously.
Just Ordered and can't wait to receive it! This should help me on my juice feast.
p.s. I noticed the orange theme going on w/ the book covers!

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