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  • Leah Duyao

Leah Duyao shares her story:

My journey is one that came about after 2 years of slowly losing 66 lbs thru eating changes and removing a sedentary lifestyle through walking and other exercise. I began wondering how I could become vegan or very natural with my food choices.


I saw 2 friends of mine posting their raw stuff on Facebook, one being near 100%, the other trying to get started.  I would leave notes for those two to get together with me and help me know how to do their lifestyle since they were losing weight and glowing.  They never took me seriously, viewing it as just a curiosity. Then a friend posted Dan in a you tube video. Then I found Dara's video somehow. They made it look easy.  So I saved their easy recipe videos they prepared for us on you tube.


Then somehow I found Raw Food Rehab and was like so very thankful when realizing it was THE SITE to help me understand the lifestyle, how to get started, and everything under the sun to help me know how to achieve it.  BUT when I SAW the INITIATIVE, it was like BINGO, "This is gonna be just the thing I need to make myself learn and do it NOW."  I think I only had 24 hours to decide and just made myself do it. The impact is fantastic. I needed this ages ago!  I finally know how to eat like my body was telling me to AND to see how important organic and raw contributed to an even higher healthier lifestyle.


If I do not eat this way, my day will not go well. I will feel ill and sluggish, maybe even wanting to stay inside a cave. This way of eating makes me feel light, alive and never having to worry about how i look in my clothes. I also feel it helps me with self-confidence.  I feel finally "set" in life and know I now do not need to wonder how to eat to keep my weight down, make me feel alive, and not sick anymore. 


Before RAW RESULTS,  I thought I was eating well. My percentage of raw foods was under 15%. Basically having cooked veggies and maybe a raw fruit or salad 3x a week. Mostly processed foods & heavy carb meals.



For most of the time, during RAW RESULTS,  I have done 50% raw with some days per week up to 80%. I have been way more creative and into raw as compared to before this initiative. This program is what got me started. I am pleased to eat deeper green veggies and more variety of fruits as well.  


I intend to increase my raw lifestyle with the goal of reaching 100%, if not very near that amount. When I found your site and the initiative which was only 4 days away, I grabbed it thankfully since I kept wondering how to start a raw lifestyle.


When eating raw I feel alive and I have no sign of feeling ill.   I last longer and get more done. When going back to processed foods,  it affects my depression even if there is reason to be or I feel lazy and tired.  Detox I got bad for a couple weeks at the start. My health is much better and I am out and about more often.


Emotionally, in the beginnning it was an adjustment with tiredness and depression and premenopausal issues. But after 3rd week my emotions seem more high and less low. Mental clarity is much more focused.


All the digital materials helps me to keep on track with each week.  I printed mine each week and keep it in a folder.   I would be looking for it no matter how busy, staying up late to concentrate on it when I had quiet time and computer time. I go back into the printouts of the pdf to help me keep in check and it will be for future use.  And I LOVE all the good advice you give us in the videos!


For body movement, I love to do zumba and turbokick  and walking most of the week.  The weekly weigh ins definitely made me stick to my goals.

Before: 149.2 lbs.                                              After: 142.4 lbs

chest: 35                                                                chest: 33 1/2

waist: 32 1/2                                                         waist: 31 1/2

hips: 40                                                                    hips: 39

arm: 12 1/2                                                              arms: 12

thigh: 22 3/4                                                          thighs: 22 1/4

Total Weight loss: 6.8 lbs!


This has been an AWESOME experience!  I am very content with results. I am not even calorie counting since I started. After an initial overwhelming feeling trying to start this and not knowing how or looking at TMI, I got over it, took advice and started simple, got through the challenges, but coming back even stronger every day.  


I am looking forward to the FINAL INITIATIVE, Raw Balance!!




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See you in Raw Balance!

Wow! I would say you got the "GLOW"   great job....see you in Raw Balance.



You look absolutely beautiful and happy Leah!!!  Way to go!!!!   It's funny how we all seem to stumble upon Raw food Rehab and it lights us all up like a candle....It is truly "THE SITE OF ALL SITES" as far as all things RAW.  I'm glad to be sharing this journey with you and I will see you in Raw Balance.  Keep smiling and have a great week!
Leah, you look so wonderful and so shiney! Keep going!
Hey Leah , you look terrific - great result so far. I managed to lose 7 lbs too so I guess we're radiant releasing twins!

HI EVERYONE! I just found this. Thank you for your comments. Hi Maureen, Darlene, and new friends!! I just realized if I posted the other picture you could see the difference. Well, if anything, its the glow that shows ;)

WTG on your raw juorney. Thank you for sharing.

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