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Last year we released Raw For The Holidaysa collection of festive and delicious recipes created by the Original Cast of Raw Food Rehab.  The book was already fabulous, but I decided that the collection should be expanded and revised to make it even more comprehensive and appealing! This year's newly edited and expanded edition has over 100 recipes and 65 color photographs.  Here is a list of occasions we cover in Raw For The Holidays:

The Perfect Autumn Day (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Snack/Dessert) - 8 recipes
Football Watch Party - 9 recipes
All Hallow's Eve - 9 recipes
Thanksgiving (Breakfast, Dinner & Dessert) - 18 recipes
Enchanted Winter Evening for 2 (or more) - 6 recipes
Hanukkah Dinner - 8 recipes
Holiday Sweets & Party Treats - 10 recipes
Christmas Eve - 9 recipes
Christmas Brunch - 11 recipes
Christmas Dinner - 10 recipes
New Year's Eve - 6 recipes
New Year's Day - 7 recipes

Not only will the purchase of this eBook be a tremendous support and help to you in all of your holiday and celebratory meal planning, but it is also a much appreciated way in which to support the operational costs of this website and to assist us in raising funds so that we can continue to expand our offerings back into this amazing community. 

It would also be great if you would like to help us promote this raw holiday survival guide online through your blogs, on Facebook and through direct email to friends who you think might enjoy this collection of recipes. This collaborative effort was only possible because of the power of community. I am so proud and very eager to get in the kitchen and start un-cooking for the holidays!  I will also be making some of the recipes that don't have photos on upcoming Foodie Friday episodes!

Raw For The Holidays is available now for just $15 through PayPal.  Once I receive notification of your payment, I send the ebook directly to your Inbox.  You will normally receive the book in a very short amount of time, however, please allow up to 10 hours for delivery (if an order comes through after I go to bed, I will send it first thing when I wake up!)

I know this incredible collection of recipes and beautiful photos will be a treasure to you as you continue on your path towards optimum health this holiday season!

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This is HOT OFF THE PRESS! I just printed mine out and the ink is still drying! : )

For some really rawsome stocking stuffers, in case you have not purchased Penni's other ebooks, they are all available HERE!: ) Treat yourself ! : ) Exciting! : )
What a way to jump into the Holidays! : )
Woo hoo, woo hoo, woo hoo!!!! Makes me wanna find that happy computer guy and rock out with him lol!
Oh ,Wow more recipes,I will be set for life with all the recipes I have. Now after my juicing I have to put my hands to use and make the yummy things I know is in the E-Book! Thanks again for your hard work at making a Raw life easier for all of us Penni.....Hugs to You and a kiss on your cheek too.~Dianne
Just ordered it. Very excited!!!!!! Your recipes are the best
The 1st edition was great! I'm sure the 2nd edition, knowing Penni, is even better. Looking forward to seeing what is new, making some healthy eats for my family and supporting RFR in the process. All love...
Do you mean this guy? I love him too!

from here!

Linae A Standridge said:
Woo hoo, woo hoo, woo hoo!!!! Makes me wanna find that happy computer guy and rock out with him lol!
I don't know how Miss Penni does it ALL...! WHOA!!!

I am printing this out as I type. Just gorgeous as always. Can't wait to get started.
spike & i bought this revised edition! can't wait to see the new recipes :>) and the photos :>)
I am so excited about this book....gonna get it next week....waiting for payday!
Just got my copy. Can't wait to see it. Love this place more everyday.
Here is the link to Penni reading Chapter 8 of Raw Food Cleanse! You can 'meet' the Original Cast of RFR!


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