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Pssssssst...Over Here....Yes, YOU! : ) I Got a Secret to Share!

It is Penni's Birthday tommorrow!  I am calling for a BIG round of applause....ah...let's make it a standing ovation!!!

Please send Penni some birthday wishes here on this thread. Tell her how much she means to you!  Let's spread the LOVE!!


If you post it here, it will help keep her email box from exploding... : ) will want to click on STOP FOLLOWING so you don't get massive emails in your inbox!!

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Happy birthday a day late, I hope your day was great and your year will be awesome.


Happy Birthday, Penni.  I am so grateful that you are giving yourself to this community toward better health and balanced living.  WE CELEBRATE ALL THINGS, PENNI TODAY. :)  Because of you, many will be BORN AGAIN!!

Hope you had a Happy Birthday Penni!  We spent yesterday celebrating my son's birthday with family and it was fab!  Hope yours was too!


Happy Birthday! Belated in time but not in spirit.

Thank you for all that you do - I have learned so much from the incredible community of fantastic people that YOU put together.

The world is a better place because of you.

Blessings, Peace and Abundance to you always



HAPPY BIRTHDAY PENNI !!!  Thank you  Love you!  God bless you more and more....

xoxo =))

OMG! I just opened this email...I'm soooo far behind. I know it was too Faboo for words. You are just so beautiful! I'm doin' a happy dance just for you! XOXO Queen Shelley



I just wanted to wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! TOOOOOO YUOOOOOOO!

...And Fun, Joy, with much Laughter on this another adventure of a New Year of your Life.

I want to personaly "THANK YOU" for all you do and share with us.


Many Blessings to you and our "Family"!!

Biggest Hugs,

Muriel Pilon <3  

HAPPY Birthday Penni!  Hope it is a festivity filled with family, fun and friends along with some great raw food!  Thanks for all you do!


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