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As shared in the above video, the special offer for members of the Raw Food Rehab Community, is 5% off of any purchase AND a free sample package of Simply Hemp's newly formulated Strawberry Hemp Milk. Use the coupon code: Habbers when ordering to get your discount and free product! Get the most amazing hemp milk on the market at
Also - please add your name & where you're from to the comments below for your chance at winning one of 5 bags of Simply Hemp! Open to members from around the globe.  Be sure to STOP FOLLOWING the discussion once you've replied to make sure you don't receive additional responses.
More deets on SIMPLY HEMP -
No Preservatives, No Additives, No Garbage...

There is no other product like Simply Hemp Milk. Simply Hemp is the only non-dairy beverage that does not have fillers, additives, preservatives. This stuff is as natural and pure as you can get! 

That isn't the only reason Simply Hemp is so amazing! When we created Simply Hemp Milk, we searched far and wide to ensure that the ingredients we use are unquestionably the highest standards and best available. Every single ingredient is 100% organic.

This hemp milk is head and shoulders at the top of the mountain when it comes to the health and nutrition benefits you get from it. We use a ton of organic hemp seeds in the milk, so you get a huge amount of amazing protein and omegas with every cup of this stuff!!! Did I mention that it is extremely low glycemic? That means it is perfect for anyone sensitive to spiking blood sugar levels. The benefits of drinking Simply Hemp Milk are so abundant, I am working on writing a new page so I can list everything this milk does. It truly does a body good!

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Sherry in FL

I love hemp milk!   I make it all the time!

This hemp milk is quite different than what we make - it's magically delicious!

Susan : ) said:

I love hemp milk!   I make it all the time!

sounds yummy!

Stephanie Brown - Seattle

Mariam from The Windy City

Fontrella in Birmingham, AL.

Rhonda H. in Seattle

Kimberly in Brooks, Ky :)  

Jeanette in Kodiak, Alaska!!


Chilliwack, BC, Canada

Denise in Tulsa, OK

Sandy  Kash - Novato, CA

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