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Hi Everyone! I've been working on all of the digital materials for our upcoming 28 Day Total Reset.... so much good stuff and many amazing recipes!  You all will be getting the cream of the crop in this collection - all my favorites and then some!

Within our 3 Raw Food Digital guides you'll find an array of:

Juices ~ Smoothies ~ Tonics & Other Blended Drinks ~ Raw Soups ~ Raw Breakfasts ~ Fresh Salads (w/ amazing dressings) ~ Appetizers ~ Weekend Food Projects (Dehydrator Recipes) ~ Raw Entrees ~ Raw Desserts

Then in our Healthy Plant-Based Cooked Guide:

Breakfasts ~ Appetizers ~ Salads ~ Soups/Stews ~ Entrees

No one will be going hungry in February!

Once all the final typesetting is done on the digital material, all of the technical work & welcoming videos complete for our private website, I'll be opening the doors so everyone can get in, get connected, download their material and start interacting! I'm looking at sometime this coming Sunday - January 27th. So please watch your inbox for your email that will contain instructions on where to go!

For today, I want to share just a bit more about the wonderful people I've invited to come along as part of the 28 Day Total Reset Leadership Team. Throughout the month of February you can look forward to amazing input, education, inspiration, encouragement & motivation from:


Debi Farley - licensed acupuncturist with a Masters degree in Oriental medicine, a certified raw food chef/instructor, holistic health coach, owner of the Acupuncture Clinic of Richmond and inspired advocate of the nutritional shifts to the foods that keep us pepped up, not pooped out! Debi is passionate about helping others deepen their understanding of the mechanics of their bodies -how we process, use and eliminate the foods we eat; and how our mindset, actions and lifestyle habits impact our overall well-being.
Michelle Kfull-time mother & wife, life explorer, wannabe yogini, occasional speaker/presenter and raw food chef. She loves playing in the kitchen and inventing recipes to go along with a healthy lifestyle for her family. Michelle is the lovable and funny star of her online uncooking show, It's a High Raw Life You can find all of Michelle K's videos in our Culinary Center & be sure to connect with her on Facebook.

Karen McCarville is a Board Certified Holistic Health & Nutrition Counselor and Detoxification Specialist who creates a personalized roadmap to health that suits her client's unique body, lifestyle, preferences, and goals.  She is a graduate of the  Institute for Integrative Nutrition as well as The International School of Detoxification and runs  her company Mindful Life Nutrition out of Dallas, TX.  Additionally, she is an amazing vegan and raw food chef, and has a deep passion for helping people achieve optimum wellness through dietary and lifestyle coaching as well as herbal cleansing protocols. Karen's long-time life partner & love, Scott Oldner will also be along, bringing his own unique story of transformation and learned lifestyle wisdom to the party as well!

Allen Stern is in the midst of a complete life transformation. A used-to-be 2x's a day fast food eater, Allen is now on track, eating lots of fruits and vegetables for the first time in his entire life. Allen has become a big smoothie and juicing advocate, and has lost an impressive amount of weight, just making the shift, one step at a time. He now runs Let'sTalkFitness and is sharing his journey, recipes and motivational content with the world. His story is completely inspirational and I can't wait to share it with you and I look forward to you getting to know Allen!

Shernell Cooke is a food writer, cookbook author, blogger and has a background as colorful as her personality. Her culinary education has been a mix of on-the-job training, formal classes at the Institiute of Culinary Education in New York and with countless private kitchen experiements! Shernell's down-to-earth approach to wellness, along with her wicked sense of humor will be a real treat to have along for the 28 Days! Check out what she's up to at her website The Raw Food Beginner Chef.

Linda Heflin, M.D. is a family physician who's been in practice for over 20 years and was recently voted "Doctor of the Year" within her community. Dr. Heflin has always had a heart for the wellness and prevention aspect of healthcare and has been on her own personal journey of continuing education in the practice of  Integrative Medicine. We are honored to have her wisdom and expertise as an intregal part of our leadership team. Connect with Dr Linda on Facebook.

Susan Bradbury will also be there to help keep everything flowing smoothly and will be a great resource in helping you get any questions answered efficiently!

I Can't Wait to Hit the Reset Button with YOU!! If you haven't signed up yet, but want to be part of this, click here to read more details, get a personal video message from me and for the links to sign up!

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Great people there, well done :)

It is going to be the BEST yet!!  : )

Can't wait!!

Awesome...can't wait!

The "A-Team" for sure!  So excited!  :)

This is going to be fabulous Penni thank you again. Exactly what I need!

I am so excited to meet these team leaders.

So excited - can't wait!

Hello Beautiful People!!

I can't  wait for February.

I'm excited!!!

Very impressive line up of team members...I'm so excited!

Hello everyone :)

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