Real Food Rehab

No rigid rules, labels or dogmas.... just REAL food, for your body, mind & soul!

Real Food Rehab desires to be a safe place of compassion and support.  We have the expectation that each member will be respectful to one another in their communications and will acknowledge that everyone is at a different point along their health journey. We feel it is important for members to respect the individual progress and needs of others as they make lifestyle choices and changes of their own. 

Real Food Rehab was NOT created to be a place of solicitation or marketing of individuals, their businesses, products, programs, websites or blogs. Anything that is posted as an unapproved solicitation will be removed from our community. 

At Real Food Rehab, we have no imposed rigid rules and aren't into labels or dietary dogmas, but we do believe in the power of REAL foods to help heal and rejuvenate the body. We exist to offer inspiration, education and community support for your wellness journey.


  • Everyone is at a different point along their health journey and we are to respect the individual progress and needs of others as they make lifestyle choices and changes of their own.
  • Everyone must do their best to keep this community drama free and keep their hands to themselves.
  • Posting inappropriate material, such as profanity, personal attacks, nudity, inappropriate, questionable or suggestive material will likely be cause for suspension or removal from the community. We have a very diverse group of guests that range in age from 10 yrs. old to 85+ so one of our priorities is to keep Real Food Rehab a family friendly site.

With Much Respect,

Penni Shelton

Founder & Director

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Thank You for allowing me in and I totally understand the rules and have absolutely  no problem with them!

Looking forward to the journey.


I completely agree with your terms of hospitality and look forward to becoming a part of this beautiful community!

I love all the RFR has to offer and the way in which it is offered, Not having food police makes people feel safe in asking questions and getting help from others.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn more through you and the members who share the same zest for health!  Having come through crisis and slowly relearning how to look for inspiration on this quest to rebuild my life, I look forward to learning new things from others that I can use to renew my spirit and my health! 

Amen to those rules. I will certainly abide by all rules.


Looking forward to a wonderful journey with new friends. Thank you Penni.

I wholeheartedly agree with these rules.  Makes me feel much safer.  The main thing I want is support and information so I can have more energy and less sickness and lose weight (which I believe will help with everything wrong I have - well except my heart problem)  I hope to meet lots of ppl here and make many friends.  I live in Australia, near Sydney, NSW.

I have heaps to learn about the site and I also hate dramas.  Love a quiet life



I appreciate your position/rules to keep everyone safe and sane. Thanks! Norm Anderson

Hi. Glad to visit, learn and comply with reasonable rules of etiquette. 

Congrats on being the watchdog. Nothing worse than unnecessary drama. That's one of the reasons I stopped "hanging around" over at WLIR. Thanks Penni!

Thank you for this safe space and clear boundaries!

Hi Penni

Great ground rules.  I am commited to having a positive presence in the world.  Thanks for doing all that you do.


Thank you, Penni

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