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If you have not watched/read the details on our upcoming 11 Week Total Health & Wellness Initiative - Go FRESH, please click here for the full scoop.

In today's video I am answering a few questions that have come in regarding Go FRESH.  As of right now, we still have some slots left if you are wanting to be part of the Weight Room portion of the Initiative.  No more procrastinating though, as we will likely reach our 300 member limit before this Friday.  

To join Go FRESH and to sign up for both The Vault & The Weight Room, CLICK HERE.

To join Go FRESH and to participate in just The Vault, CLICK HERE.

This is our official Go FRESH Logo!  We'll have lots of goodies available very soon in our Cafe Press store with this logo.  I also think that this will make great calling cards (business) cards that you all can print out and share with friends or anyone you run into who you'd like to invite to come join us as we Go FRESH this season! 

I want to encourage you to share the information on Go FRESH on your Facebook page or on Twitter.  Here is the link that you can use to invite people to join us:   I have a sense that this is going to be our most powerful 11 Weeks so far - can you feel the momentum & enthusiasm growing?

If you have ANY additional questions after watching today's video, please don't hesitate to ask in the comments below!

xoxo - Penni

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YOU know I will be joining you for GO FRESH!!! : )
So EXCITED to get started!  GO FRESH and get healthy, Baby, YEAH!
also looking forward ;0)
I signed up long ago, and I can't wait !!!!!!!!!! I'm already planning menus and things I am going to try and things I plan to do differently this time.  Sooooooooooooooo excited.


Can you post the video and the logo on FB so i can share both of them????

:  ) Raven

The video is on our RFR Facebook fanpage and I'll add the logo there next!

Raven Taylor said:


Can you post the video and the logo on FB so i can share both of them????

:  ) Raven

Not only am I excited about Go FRESH but also am looking forward to the release of new items with the new logo. This is a great motivating tool. Things just keep getting better and better at RFR. Thanks so much.
Ready to Go!!!!!   Love the Logo
Ready for the party;-)
Ready to Rawk and Roll!
I heard there was a camp out going on outside the vault.  Officially pitching my tent :)
I'm excited and ready to Go Fresh!

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