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If you've been part of Raw Food Rehab for any length of time, you know the drill....
We do a monthly roll call so we can get an idea of how many members are actually staying plugged in here at "the Hab!" I customarily offer a prize drawing for all of the members who are kind enough to come log in here....offering their name and where they are from.  This month is no different & this offering is a sweet deal with the help of Darlene Knight & Average Joe on the Raw!!

As on of the producers of Average Joe on the Raw, I want you to know that you're going to be in for a tremendous treat with this fascinating, and inspiring documentary. The cast of characters who appear in the documentary will blow you away. I believe this film will have far reaching impact way beyond the niche of the raw, vegan world. It is going to be a wonderful tool for you to use to help inspire, educate and interest friends and family about their health and their future.  Here is a trailer for you:

AVERAGE JOE ON THE RAW is the inspirational story of my friend Seth's journey into the depths of his true self. Here is the synopsis in Seth's words:

"At 30 years old, I looked in the mirror and saw complacency. I saw a man settling into normalcy, settling into being average. At first glance, my initial thought was to just accept it. “it’s just part of the process, just part of aging and life. Get over it.”

So, at a crossroads in my life, I could just fall in line with the rest of the people on the assembly line of commonplace. Just waiting in line to see which disease will be handed to me, and which medications modern medicine will enslave me to………Or…….

I could take the path less traveled. I could make a push at my limitless potential. I could try to reset my intelligently designed body to heal itself! That is crazy enough, it just might work! So, this film is my 60 day journey into finding my limitless me. What kind of an effect can eating raw, clean foods and working out consistently have on my mental, physical, medical, emotional, spiritual, and relational life? We will see as I am an AVERAGE JOE ON THE RAW!"

Darlene Knight (a true RFR angel) has secured 3 copies of Average Joe on the Raw to giveaway to our community - so if you would like your name added into the drawing for one of the 3 copies, please add your name and where you live into the comments below.  

Be sure to click STOP FOLLOWING (you'll want to see the words - FOLLOW) once you have submitted your name.  This way you won't receive hundreds of emails in your inbox : )  Winners will be announced mid-week next week via video announcement!  

Good Luck & Many Thanks to Darlene!!

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hi guys.  stephanie in MO

not sure if it's too late.

bitt from USA

Tami Bowen

St. Louis, MO

I'm still here!  And need to be here more!

cindy, richmond,ma

Christie from Rock Hill, SC. Here!  :)

I have been away and very busy when I got back but RFR is still one of my favorite places. 

Nicola from Australia :)

I'm late...but I am here ...Sydney from Barrie Ontario

Ben in Bucyrus, Oh back again.

Yeah, Jennifer from Roswell, Georgia

Forrest Hammann

Wahiawa, Hawaii





Yup,,,Suson from Ottawa, Canada here!


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