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It's time for our mid- month ROLL CALL! As we do every month at Raw Food Rehab, we put up a thread so we can get a reading on who is still with us here at the Hab. So even if you aren't that active, or just one of the quiet ones, now is the time to let us know you are paying attention to what's happening here on the Main Forum!

Holler at your homies in the comments below, telling us where you're from & you will want to make sure that you're not following this discussion since it typically gets hundreds of replies....

Oh, and as a thank you for checking in this month, I'd like to give you a complimentary copy of a little ebook I put together a few months ago - It's Easy Being Green. Since this week is St. Patrick's Day - it seems like the perfect time to make sure every member who is tuned into RFR get's lucky! Just click on the attachment below to download your free copy : )

Looking forward to seeing who is in the house this month!!

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Hi Ladies... I'm here too!!!!  :o)

Hey Ladies,  Just made the most wonderful breakfast treat  but really anytime treat


1 Banana sliced

1/2 of a Mango cut up

small handful of raisins

put in a bowl 

Mix some agave and 1/2 or 1 teaspoon of curry in the agave more if you like curry like me and mix

then drizzle over the bananas and mango.  Garnish with fresh shredded Coconut.

Hmm-mm-m   Make a good size serving for 1 and I ate the whole thing




Robin in sunny and ALREADY HOT, Tampa Florida!!


Lovin' life, Lovin' Raw - doin' the happy dance :-)

I'm here and happy!!  Thanks!! 
My name is Anita and I am following the go fresh initiatve.

Rick here, stay strong stay raw .love rick

still here, too!

Of course I am here!!!!! And doing well in this gorgeous summer that came late but what a treat!

Hope your dad is doing well too.

Hey ya'll, hope it a blessed weekend for you. I'm still here in prescott valley, AZ 


Hello there, Maureen here in Melbourne -is this a flashback?


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