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Anyone practicing Yoga? Whatever yoga you practice, Hatha - Iyengar - Ashtanga - Bikram - Kundalini - Kashmiri - Power Kripalu - Viniyoga - Sivananda - Integral. Tell us what you gain from the practice. What problems you have with the poses, breathing, teachers or classes. How often do you practice? Do you attend classes or do practice at home? Anything Yoga!

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Just new here and wanted to say hi to the yogis in the house.


I used to do yoga regularly a couple years ago and loved it but haven't done it since and I am way out of practice.  I decided I'm going to dust off the Shiva Rae DVDs I have and get back into it at home first before I sign up at a yoga studio again.


Wish me luck!

wishing you luck Mathieu.  my schedule has been crazy, not been able to attend classes, hoping soon I can go again.  I loved it
I love yoga! Right now I am doing p90x so we do an hour and a half of yoga once a week. Has anyone tried Body by Bethenny? it looks like a good yoga video and she looks great! :)

I have done hatha yoga on and off over the years.  I find it really helps me overall and supports any exercise program I had in.


 Talk about looking good from yoga- Raquel Welch, in her autobiography and recent interviews said that she does yoga every day and walks (plus make-up).  Several decades ago she got a lot of negative feedback because she said she was 40.  Now she is getting positive feedback as she makes being a senior citizen  look  healthy!

Hello to all the fellow yogis!! I have been doing at first on and off for about 9 years and continuesly for the last 2. Every chance I get! I love it, I find myself doing poses while just cleaning the kitchen, or brushing my teeth! lol, feels good to streeetchhh!

Anyone want to do a Yoga DVD Swap or want to sell off their unused Yoga DVD's? 

(It would be fun and a great time to clear out your unwanted dust collectors.)

Yoga Teacher Training- Any suggestions from your experience?

One of my good friends has taken classes in Chicago.  I know she continually takes extra learing classes.  Have you done any research in your area?

Yes, I'm still deciding on which type of Yoga I want to train with for my first 200hr.  Also, there is the option of a place like  Core Yoga which do more of an overall training including business and how to sell youself as an instructor etc.  I'm not sure if I should go traditional or more of a modern approach.

Hi Everyone! I just went to my very first yoga class at a friend's gym and absolutely loved it! I don't think I'm going to be able to take classes regularly right now though and was just wondering if anyone can recommend books that helped them get started with yoga and develop a home practice:) I've tried yoga at home on and off before so I know a little bit but I still really need help. Thanks!

I've started Bikram Yoga about 6 weeks ago, and it feels like it will slowly change my body from the inside out.  I've been taking classes about 3-4 times per week on average, but shooting for 5 times per week now.  It feels like I am making progress VERY slowly.  And sometimes, I am tired after class instead of energized.  I'm not sure if that means I am pushing too hard.  Just getting used to the heat was a huge hurdle for me, and I think that has gotten somewhat easier, which is a miracle in itself because I've always had difficulty with heat.  I do see a subtle difference in my body, but it is very subtle at this point.  The stretching all the way down my back feels very good.  My hips are taking forever to open further.  I wonder if the resistance to faster progress could be related to my resistance in letting go of other things.  Do you have experience with Bikram yoga?

My yoga practice has never extended beyond the confines of my home, with the exception of an occasional routine in the isolated forests of Northern Michigan's Upper Peninsula where only the bears, elk, and cougars can see me. Having never gone to a class or participated in any video or online programs my routines were only ever what I came up with, flowing from asana to asana without clear understanding of the best practice. 

A couple months ago however, I began practicing with guidance from Yoga With Adrienne, an online video series that has been such an incredible asset in my growth, both spiritually and physically. Her practices are oftentimes simpler than my physical abilities, but I have benefitted greatly from her guidance, suggestions, and helpful mantras. Her sense of humor and body positivity have been encouragement to hit the mat more frequently than I otherwise would, too. I encourage her programs to anyone who practices from home.


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