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Check out FullyRaw Kristina on CNN en Español as she is interviewed about Rawfully Organic and FullyRaw! In her first global interview in Spanish (with translation), she easily demonstrates that health is universal no matter which language you speak. When we eat foods that are alive, we also feel alive! Kristina shares her testimony on how eating FullyRaw has changed her life and how it can change your life. Please connect with Kristina on her Personal Facebook Page as well as her FullyRaw Page. Subscribe toher YouTube Channel for fun weekly videos, recipes, and tips on how to go FullyRaw! Please enjoy and share this video! 

Kristina also shares her pesto recipe with the viewers: 

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This is so Kool! Go Kristina!

I was so excited to see this!  Kristina is a phenom anyway--raw vegan for 7 yrs, runs a huge co-op worth millions of dollars a year, and does inspiring videos and seminars.  But I have seen a real gap in getting the word out to people of other cultures and languages.  Latinos have the same high cancer rates (1 in 3 women and 1 in 2 men) as Caucasian Americans and 1 out of 2 will die from heart disease, just like any other American.  Kristina is crossing the language divide and bringing them the gift of access to life-saving health information.  I think she is pretty danged incredible.

You go girl!!

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