Real Food Rehab

No rigid rules, labels or dogmas.... just REAL food, for your body, mind & soul!

As is our custom here at Raw Food Rehab, we add a monthly roll call to take attendance in an effort to find out who is plugged in here at the Hab!

If you would, please add your name & where you're from to the comments below. For everyone who signs in by this coming Thursday - July 19th,  I'll be drawing 3 winning names who will each receive a copy of the very soon to be released REAL JUICE DAILY - Keeping It Real ~ One Sip at a Time (Expanded & Revised 2nd Edition).

For those interested in pre-ordering the digital book, it includes well over 200 pages of information on juicing, juice fasting/feasting and liquid fasting. This book is a marvelous resource for anyone who is interested in juicing or blending for health and is complete with education, inspiration, instruction, color photographs, a comprehensive recipe section, the complete story of my 3 month juice feast with daily reflections. I believe this book can be a helpful guide and motivator to you if you are considering a juice or liquid fast or if you just want to add more juicy goodness into your daily routine. Real Juice Daily will retail for $24.99

Pre-Order Your Copy Today for only $19.99

Your book will be available for immediate download very soon!

Also, once you have signed in below, be sure to click - "STOP FOLLOWING" on this discussion so you won't have your inbox filled with all the additional replies!
Thanks for being here at Raw Food Rehab!

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I'm here :-) Wendy from OKC


Glastonbury Ct

Still lurking about the 'hab

Suzanne in Austin, TX

Whitney from Alexandria, VA.  Taking advantage of all the basil and tomato recipes!

happy Monday, July 16th y'all.

checking in with the roll call, Ms Penni!

all the best to every "body" "mind" and "spirit".

Deanna from itasca ,Il

It's great to see you  Roberta from Owensboro Ky



Sandy Spring, MD


Hello! I am still here as always!


Victoria Smith

Oklahoma City, OK

nicole kendrick boise idaho 

Sounds like a must have awesome book Penni!!


Victoria, B.C. Canada.

(Your neighbour)!!


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