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International Juice Feast - Watch Last Night's Event

(there was a technical difficulty in the first 5 minutes, but the sound comes on after that.)

In honor of the tremendous work that Tree of Life & Dave the Trucker are doing around the world, hundreds of people joined together for a day of International Juice Feasting yesterday on November 29th. The above video was recorded last night in Seattle and RFR was well represented there with Dianne K., Bitt and Priss in attendance! The following video was shot after the event and in it Dave & Dianne K. do a shout out to Raw Food Rehab and Dave answers some more questions:

Dianne, Dave & Bitt

Bitt, Dianne & Priss

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Sign me up!!
I'm in...I have never done a fast of any kind...I need to do this and I'm excited...
I love it, more gentle guys rock! I'm right with you!
Oh I would so like to do it but I gave away my juicer that can do large volumes of juice and my blender is out of order. Maybe I could do a smoothie day instead? I'll try to be creative (or just hang out at the juice bar all day!)
I am in !!!
Dave said it:Does not make a difference how raw you are just Just move towards raw and you are doing the right thing"
I gotta buy some widemouth jars so i can take my juices with me :) IM IN
Sunday the 29th...I'm in! If Dave doesn't inspire one can! ;)
I never heard of Dave the Raw Trucker....SO COOL
Another juice day? Oh yeah ... I would love to do it ...
I just love this man and he is go nice...I think he will go far with his lifestyle and all the more that follows.....
Count me in for the Juice Feast celebration.
I just recently completed 7 days of Juice Feasting and felt FANTASTIC! I look forward to the party! Way to go Dave!!!!!!!!!!!

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