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Hello My Loves....

Can you believe we're standing at the door of 2016? Those of you who've known me, get it that I love me some FRESH-start action!! Anybody else REALLY ready to launch off into the new year that's chocked full of promise & possibilities?!

Today I'm looking for some feedback from my peeps.

As many of you may or may not know, I was VERY involved in creating health & wellness programs/initiatives here at Raw Food Rehab, (which will officially become Real Food Rehab in 2016) since 2009.

In the process of that, I created a TON of digital content, which included over 25 eBooks. I honestly can't believe that looking back, but it happened. It was a seriously good (manic) time of creation and good eats!

So..... as I write today, I'm selfishly considering creating a new compilation eBook, just in time to help us get 2016 off to THE BEST START EVER. 

This would be a "Best Of" collection - a place for all the top recipes to be in one place. Juices, smoothies, soups, salads, entrees, desserts, (all plant-based, including cooked & raw, because that's the way I roll), along with a heapin' helpin' of Penni-inspiration & learned wisdom to help you get back on track if you've lost your way or are just looking for a shot in the arm of real food goodness slathered in sooooo much love.

I am currently creating PENNISHELTON.COM, which will become my main web presence and it will link to our Real Food Rehab community.

I've learned SO MUCH over the past decade and I've gone through a significant personal metamorphosis in the process. I'm pretty sure that process will never be complete, so I'm just enjoying the ride! My heart's desire is to focus my energy on what I believe to be my true calling and gifting: personal development, empowerment & transformation. I'm super stoked about new program creation and serving one-on-one empowerment coaching clients in 2016 (more details on that to come).

BUT before I get too far ahead of myself, I'm feeling it would be of great benefit to create ONE "go-to" book/manual showcasing some of the most elevated eats that can support us on our journey of being our best, highest selves, but that don't have us spending ridiculous amounts of time in our kitchen. I am certain we have more important things we could be doing with our time.

Before I do this, I want to hear your thoughts, ideas, interest, etc. Is this something you'd be interested in? I'd also be super interested to know what your diet is like now, what it includes, excludes, and how you'd like to shift that, if you do. Seriously - I'm all ears (and eyeballs)......

Love you very much & I'm wishing you the very best as we are rapidly approaching 2016!

xoxo - Penni

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I would absolutely love to do another initiative to start off 2016, or whatever you have planned. Love it. This is what I need for sure. Love...

Hi Penni,

I would really be interested in having just one book to refer to.  I have lots of books, and with the craziness of day to day stuff, I tend to forget what resources I have.  I'm looking for easy to make foods with not a lot of ingredients, perhaps something that would be easy to freeze since I always have left overs.  After eating the same food 3-4 days in a row it gets old.  I do like using the crock pot, and I have a blender.  I don't really have a lot of the other appliances used in lots of food prep. 

I tried the 100% raw food and it just wasn't me.  I do tend to lean towards vegetarian, but I'm not 100% there.  I don't do resolutions, but I would like to eat more clean and not depend on processed foods to be the default due to the ease of popping in the microwave. 

I've always loved that you are positive and non-judgmental.  I was so excited to receive this communication.  There for awhile I was following so many people that had so many opinions that it did more damage than good.  I've really scaled back who I even follow on facebook.  You were one that I continued to follow because your compassion and grace come through in everything you do. 

I look forward to seeing where 2016 leads you.


I turned 60 in Nov & lets just say I need a TOTAL recommitment to raw vegan foods. I'm so tired all the time to the point where I'm prescribed nu-vigil so I don't sleep 14 hrs a day. I'm starting today with no meat or dairy. Have to shop for smoothie ingredients & other essentials.

I'll keep you posted on my progress!


Hi Penni!

I would definitely love it if all the resources would be compiled into one book.  I have all of your e-books, but I'll be honest that it's often challenging to have to search through them to find a recipe or a health tip, so having everything in one document/book would be super helpful!

Like many here, I am no longer eating an entirely raw diet and am instead focusing on clean eating that includes high-quality organic/wild/grass-fed animal protein, but am considering returning to a vegetarian/vegan diet because I think it's healthier for me in the long run.  What would especially help me is simple, quickly-prepared recipes that take utilize what's currently in season with a minimum of specialty foods.  I would also appreciate meal plans for specific health and dietary needs, such as foods that reduce inflammation, etc.

I so appreciate everything that you do and have really missed your videos.  You always encourage and inspire me and I respect and love you so much.  I am eager to see what you will be creating in the new year... you know I'll be there!

Much love to you,


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