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Just in time! Are you ready to kick start your 11 Week Total Health & Weight Loss Initiative with a goal-setting, vision inspiring, motivational raw food solution eBook? Healthy Raw Solutions is a newly updated version of the very successful New Year's RawSolutions eBook that we used as a help to our last 11 Wk. Initiative. Simply click the button below to order your copy for just $5! I promise that this gem will exceed your expectations with 45 delicious and cleansing raw food recipes, most of which require nothing more than a knife, cutting board and a blender.

This eBook will act as a companion to successfully steer you into our upcoming 11 Weeks, helping to equip you with recipes, focus and purpose! Just click the link on the right column of our page with the book's image to order! 

I personally email this eBook to you once I have payment confirmation. In the event that I am away from my computer, it may take a few hours to receive the attachment in your Inbox.
Click HERE to purchase!

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Hi, sorry I don't see the button to click for this.... I want to hit the market before the initiative starts! =)
I can't seem to get the button to post so you can click on the image on the right column or click on the highlighted link in the paragraph above to order.....thanks!!
Oh thanks! I didn't see it on the right.
Just ordered it! =) Thanks!
Melodie......I just love you. I pray with you that this is going to be the year!

melodie said:
i can wait it pray this is my jump start for the year i be 53 on the 10 of april it time this weight go
Thank you, Penni!

This is what I need to get on with my program!

I just ordered! I want to join this Initiative.
I just ordered! WONDERFUL INFO!

This E-Book has great motivational/inspirational information in addition to great recipes that I can't wait to try.

Thanks Penni, you have done it again. What a great way to start my pre-11 Week initiative mindset/planning!

Two Green Thumbs Up!
Just ordered mine :)
Just ordered the e book. Thank you!!!!!
I ordered the book and am very excited to recieve it....I hope we get it before having to shop for the initiative....Thanks Penni!
Hi Penni and Hi fellow Raw Friends,

I too just ordered this book and I am so very excited to start this 11 week initiative with everyone! Penni you are just so inspirational and I can't wait to get this raw party started! :))
Ordered :) Do I just check my emails for the link to download?
I email all of the ebooks myself once I get the payment notifications! You should have received yours by now!

silvergirlsouth said:
Ordered :) Do I just check my emails for the link to download?

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