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Happy 2nd Anniversary, RFR! Prize #1 - The John McCabe Collection

Our first 2nd Anniversary prize offering is the 3 book collection from author and holistic health expert, John McCabe. 

Sunfood Diet Infusion: Transforming Health Through Raw Veganism

Sunfood Traveler: Guide to Raw FoodCulture, Restaurants, Recipes, N... 

and Igniting Your Life: Pathways to the Zenith of Health and Success

In case you don't know about John McCabe, here is a bit of intriguing info for you:

In 2007 McCabe's Sunfood Living: Resource Guide to Global Health was published as a companion book to David Wolfe's The Sunfood Diet Success System. McCabe did research for and had helped compose the first edition of The Sunfood Diet Success System. He worked as a content and research editor to overhaul the manuscript for the succeeding five revised editions. He did the same on the first two editions of Wolfe's book Eating for Beauty.

In the 1990s, McCabe overhauled the manuscript of a book titled Nature's First Law: The Raw Food Diet, for its second edition. Wolfe and two co-authors were presenting this irreverent book as an original work. However, McCabe did not know until 2007 that the material in it was largely plagiarized from a book titled Raw Eating, which was written by an Armenian man, "Aterhov" Arshavir Ter Hovannissian, living in Iran in the 1960s.

McCabe was the ghost co-author on Frederic Patenaude's recipe book, Sunfood Cuisine, which is now out of print.

McCabe has been a content and research editor, and a ghost co-writer on books by other authors. He also is a screenplay consultant, polishing scripts in preparation for sale and/or filming.

John's level of wisdom and expertise is second to none and this collection will be a tremendous resource for your library! 

Please sign into the comments below and tell us your name and where you live. Be sure to click STOP FOLLOWING (you will want to see the words FOLLOW) so you won't receive all the other comments that come in after yours.  

Winners will be announced this coming weekend LIVE from members of the Raw Balance Leadership Team in Stephenville, Texas. 

  If you aren't already a member of Raw Balance, please come join us!!

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Mary M. from Bellvue, Colorado. 


Happy Anniversary Penni and RFR!


Sacramento, Ca

Congrats, Penni!

Happy Anniversary from Gary in Pasadena, Maryland!

Congrats on your success!

Joanne in Frederick, MD

Happy Anniversary from Mary Ann in Minnetonka Beach, MN :)

Kathleen Kelly

Port Orange, Florida


Happy Anniversary Penni and RFR!

Catherine Hart from Oradell, NJ

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary Penni and RFR!  From Sherry Caler, winder Ga.

Jackie in Florida

Happy Anniversary!


Lin Babkirk

Cottage Grove, Oregon


Clare Critchley from Nova Scotia, Canada



<3 happy 2nd Anniversary

Lyz Bishop from Chattanooga, TN.


Thank you for all you do and Happy Anniversary!

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