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Going Raw with Ronnie & Mihn - 7 PRIZES - Enter Here!!

Happy Monday Rehabbers! We're rolling out more March Madness here at Raw Food Rehab this week!!

In case you don't know Ronnie & Minh, I wanted to introduce you to them today, since they are generously donating 5 GOING RAW DVDs ($20 value each!) to our community for this week's giveaways! 

"Ronnie & Minh are husband & wife raw foodists who produce some of the most interesting and unbelievably tasty raw and living foods you may ever encounter. The food that they create is amazing in its simplicity and the DVD's they have produced will bring their teachings and techniques directly into your home.

Minh is a second generation raw & living food chef, she was born in Viet Nam in 1950 into a humble and loving Buddhist family, she is the youngest of eight children. At a very young age Minh began learning which plants were edible and which were not, how to find food and medicines in the jungle and how to use them. She spent her youth helping her mother grow, gather and prepare food for their family. They used simple and ancient techniques without electricity to prepare nourishing and great tasting food. In this way the art of preparing raw food was passed from generation to generation without even knowing what “raw food” was, to them it was just food. In 1963 one of Minhs’ brothers was kidnapped by the North Vietnamese Army, her mother was devastated and sought guidance through prayer and from Buddhist Monks. Minhs mother was already a vegetarian but she received a revelation that if she gave up cooking and ate only uncooked vegetarian food her son would return to her, she did so and a year and a half later her son retuned to her unharmed. Minhs mother continued to eat only raw food until she died in 2005 at the age of 93. Minh carries on with the lessons she learned from her Mother and now creates some of the most original, beautiful and unbelievably delicious raw & living you will ever encounter.

Ronnie is an Essene Philosopher who spends his time and energy promoting Raw & Living Foods and the teachings of the Essenes."

Visit their website to learn more:
Friend request them here at RFR:

Check out their uber cool raw food tools:
The Little Coconut Noodle Tool & watch Minh use the Cai bao here:

If you place an order with Ronnie & Minh, be sure to use the code: RFR
Every order placed by RFR members will give our website a rebate, so don't forget the code!!

Big Thanks to Ronnie & Minh for their generosity and please enter this week's drawing in the comments below:

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Thanks, Ronnie & Mihn!
And Penni!

:) happy Monday!
Please enter me in the drawing for the DVD & tools!
Enter me too, please. Thanks!
How cool!! Please enter me in the contest Penni! Thanks ... Sandra
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, Ronnie, Mihn and Penni for the opportunity to learn raw better! I'm in as always.
Please enter me. Thanks :)
Thanks to Ronnie and Mihn and Penny. I would love to be part of the draw.
Hi! Please enter me into the contest! Thanks!
Please enter me in the rawing- Barbara
I love the cai bao. I have one and it works great for julienne-ing. Please enter me into the drawing!! Ronnie and Mihn are awesome. Very good teachers.
Thanks Ronnie and Mihn, please add me to the drawing for the video.
Elaine Otway
Please enter me!! They look fantastic! Thanks for everything!


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