Real Food Rehab

No rigid rules, labels or dogmas.... just REAL food, for your body, mind & soul!

Getting Started

Shifting to a diet of raw and living foods is one of abundance. Just the steps below will have you eating a diet of at least 50% raw which will have you well on your way to your most optimal health.

Begin by Adding Raw Foods to your Everyday Life

I recommend starting your day with 32 oz. of pure water (adding a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, if desired). This morning ritual is one of the best, easiest gifts with which to start your day

Instead of acid forming coffee, try an amazing nutrient dense green juice, or smoothie made with dark leafy greens such as spinach or kale and fresh fruit like apples. You can find recipe idea in our Liquid Lounge.

Beginning your lunch and dinner meal with a vibrant fresh salad w/ homemade dressing is a great place to start. I usually make a big salad with as many colors as possible. If you feel the need for more fat or protein, the addition of some avocado or hemp seeds is great. You can find salad recipes in our Salad Bar section and fresh dressing ideas in the Dress It Up section in the Kitchen.

Another delicious and super easy option is to have raw soup to begin your meals. We have some incredible suggestions for this in the section Soup's On.

If you are someone who likes to snack, fresh fruit or precut raw veggies are good to have on hand. There are some yummy snackables in our kitchen in the Side Dishes & Snacks section.

Drinking freshly pressed juices between meals is an awesome way to stay full and to give your body a major injection of revitalizing nutrient density. It is one of the best things you can do for your body.

Always drink plenty of pure water between meals. The importance of staying adequately hydrated can make a huge difference in the efficiency of your weight loss and overall health. I encourage you to read this super informative article.
Reducing or eliminating unhealthy foods from your diet:

Along with the suggestions above, begin reducing/eliminating any junk food, pre-packaged foods, fried foods, caffeine, alcohol, processed white sugar, and white flour.

Once you've made your mind up that this is the lifestyle you want to embrace, just go for it....go through your pantry, cabinets and refrigerator and either throw or give all the junk away. Eliminate the temptation to deprive your body of nutrition. Doing this can almost be a ceremonious act to truly change your life, once and for all!

My next recommendation is to reduce/eliminate animal products, especially red meat and pasteurized dairy products. Regardless of the propaganda we've all been fed by the meat and dairy are way better off without animal products in your diet.

Next, reduce/eliminate cooked starches, especially gluten containing processed items. Many people are gluten intolerant or sensitive and don't even know that's what has been causing them so many digestive disturbances. Gluten intolerance can wreck havoc in your life, and we humans simply don't need it.

More Thoughts to Consider

Picking just one day a week to eat 100% Raw or to just drink juices/smoothies. In my book I talk a lot about the power of freeing up energy in your body by doing a raw food cleanse. Once you try this, just one day, you'll see that's it's not that hard and then you'll realize how amazing you feel! You may decide to get crazy and keep eating/drinking this way for longer.

One of the reasons I teach a 80/20% approach is that some folks really need some wiggle room. Especially when transitioning to a higher raw diet, you may feel more comfortable in social situations or when traveling. What is important is you sneed to do what will work best for you.

I will tell you that for some people, cooked food really is an addiction. For some people, even just a little bit of cooked food in a day, can trigger a full blown binge episode. A little bite can make you want to eat more and more cooked food, even if you're not hungry and when you know how unhealthy certain foods are.

If you have suffered with binge or compulsive eating in the past, you may be best to try eating a diet of 100% raw for awhile. Within just a few days you'll notice that you'll feel amazing and that your craving will virtually disappear. You'll likely experience high energy, waking up without headaches, and you'll notice that your moods stabilize. When I maintain a 100% raw lifestyle, I smile all the time. I just feel at my personal best. But again, just like with everything else in Raw Food Rehab, these are just opinions and you must do what works best in your own personal life.

As you begin to learn more and start adding more raw foods intoyour diet, it will be important to learn how to make foods and meals that replace what you currently eat. There are so many educational videos all over the internet of raw food chef's making easy, quick and delicious recipes. We even offer a Culinary Center here that is constantly growing with information and videos you can watch which will be of great help to you along your journey. It is critical to your ultimate success to saturate yourself knowledge. This is truly a lifestyle, not a diet, and overtime it will suddenly just be second nature to you. Another resource to check out is our Library. Books were and still are my lifeline. It is also advisable to visit the Tool Shed to learn more about kitchen tools that could make your journey easier. But the truth is you don't HAVE to have anything more than a good knife and a cutting board to make this work for you.

To get more answers to your questions on raw foods, click to read this article and for a list of focus foods, click here.

Lastly, being part of a community of like minded people will likely be one of the best things you can do to equip yourself for success. Please read this article on how community can make all the difference.

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Hi Penni

Thanks for posting this. Perfect timing, I'm teaching a raw intro class this weekend and will be directing the participants to this article and RFR! Jx

Great Read! Great Info! Great Step by Step way to being more Raw!

The Soup's On link isn't working. 

Dress It Up link isn't working, either.

Thanks, Graham!

We have those broken links fixed now! 

Graham said:

Dress It Up link isn't working, either.

You ARE on top of it! Thanks for the attention to detail.

Good article for a newbie.

Hi Penni

I'm not sure if you read my Facebook message, but I asked you about the best way to restart. I'm glad it's all pretty much addressed here. Thank you!

I haven't been able to keep up with all the facebook messages on both my pages since I've been staying so busy caring for my dad. Wish I had time for more one on one!  So glad you found the info your needed here - remember the community is here for you!

Kathleen Smith said:

Hi Penni

I'm not sure if you read my Facebook message, but I asked you about the best way to restart. I'm glad it's all pretty much addressed here. Thank you!

I am so thankful that you took time to write this awesome article.

i'm hoping to go more RAW! i just started adding smoothies a month ago every morning. i'm trying to incorporate more juice during the day. i have to admit that staying away from alcohol will be the hardest.

Jane how did your class go? Was it a success??

Jayne Totty said:

Hi Penni

Thanks for posting this. Perfect timing, I'm teaching a raw intro class this weekend and will be directing the participants to this article and RFR! Jx

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