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You haven't tried Pumpkin Pie until you have tried Kristina's magical FullyRaw Pumpkin Pie! It's all-raw, low-fat, and SUPER sweet! Watch as Kristina turns into a pumpkin as she share with you this delicious recipe!

Her mom even quotes, "Don't tell your grandma, it's better than hers!" ' Believe me, you'll want a slice of this pumpkin spice! ;)  This low-fat raw vegan recipe is the ultimate healthy holiday pie to share with family and friends!

Be sure you're subscribed to Kristina's Fully Raw You Tube channel and please give her a big thumbs up if you think this looks DELICIOUS, and be sure to watch the video all the way to the end to see the "BLOOPERS" - Hilarious! Please feel free to leave comments below or under her video at You Tube.... HUGS!

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I can't wait to make this! I am planning on doing so this weekend!

One thing, could you add coconut oil to this recipe??

Love this.

YuUMM! I'm excited to try this for my friends here who think that crisco is a staple for every "baked" good. I won't tell them its raw. When I had raw pumpkin pie last year I seriously had this YUUMMY baby face look on my face. Thanks Kristina! 

Lord, she is adorable! I need to look at her other videos!

Is there a sub for the persimmons?  There not in season yet in our area.


This IS Thanksgiving dinner!!!

I have all the ingredients and just need to toss it together this weekend. Can't wait.

Making a small one for my son in a normal graham craker shell he can't have nuts.

I too wonder if an apricot could replace the prsmn!
Looking forward to trying this one... :)

yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope i can find a persimmon (and super ripe too) here in MI. thanks Kristina

I made this pie and took it to a raw food class.... they gobbled it up and wanted to know where i got the recipe. Of course I gave them your website Kristina.:)


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