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Excited for Thanksgiving but not sure what to bring to the table? Everyone you know will go CRAZY for this FullyRaw Holiday Salad of EPIC proportions! It's crunchy, sweet, and creamy, and it hits every taste bud, keeping you in a state of smiling bliss! 

Please note: this is a HUGE salad designed for a feast, whether with others or with yourself! Please use less or more as desired. ENJOY each bite!

For the Salad:

1-2 Heads of Cauliflower
3 Colored Bell Peppers (Use Less or More as Desired).
1-2 Cartons of Cherry Tomatoes
1 Jicama
2-3 Small Cucumbers
1 Head of Celery
Juice of 3-5 Lemons
Half Bunch Green Onions
Half One Red Onion
Handful of Dill
Handful of Chives
Extra Cumin (This is the secret ingredient!)

For the Dressing:

2-3 Zucchinis
1-2 Avocados
Less than a Quarter Cup Pine Nuts
Bunch of Fresh Dill
Bunch of Fresh Chives
Dash of Cumin
One Clove of Garlic (Optional)

For the salad, first finely chop the cauliflower into tiny bits as possible.

In the video, a food processor is used to chop the cauliflower into tiny textured and smooth bits.

Finely chop the celery, green onions, bell peppers, jicama, cucumbers, dill, chives, cherry tomatoes, and other lurking ingredients into the salad. The trick is to make sure all the items are chopped as small as possible. The smaller the chop, the more the flavors of the salad will mix together, creating a delicious mess!

Mix up your chopped bits! 

When ready, blend all ingredients for the dressing in a vitamix blender and create your creamy creation! Pour the dressing onto the salad and massage it in with all the chopped bits! Enjoy!

Hope that you all enjoy this recipe and bring it with you wherever you go this holiday season! There is no reason to feel like you cannot be healthy or social during this time! Inspire others through their bellies, ultimately leading to more goodness in their hearts!

This recipe is created for you with love by Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram  Please be sure to subscribe to her You Tube Channel for more fun videos or visit her website at

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Making this today!!!

I was planning on a plant-based feast for Thanksgiving. One that would woo my family into a healthier eating habits. This will definitely do the trick! Thanks for sharing.

Hey Susan, Let me hear a second opinion on this salad. I am on day 46 or so of my juice feast and plan to go at least that much longer yet; it will be a while before I can taste this salad. I don't doubt that it is every bit as yummy as it looks, but it would be good to hear your expressions about it. I am putting it into my raw recipe collection for when I return to eating. Yummers, it looks so good.

thumbs up - heck yes!

OMGOSH The FullyRaw Holiday Salad looks fantastic. Kristina I'm coming over....

This sounds wonderful....will try this soon....


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