Real Food Rehab

No rigid rules, labels or dogmas.... just REAL food, for your body, mind & soul!

The following video is very transparent and I'm sharing directly from my heart. I know how busy you are and the 13 minutes of your time that it will take to listen/watch it in its entirety is deeply appreciated.

It is important to me to learn what your needs, thoughts, ideas and desires are. Raw Food Rehab and anything that is birthed from its existence is only possible because of you.  My passionate heart's desire is to bring value to this world by touching lives, inspiring, educating, motivating and doing it in a way that is very real and very fun. If we're not having fun, then we're doing something wrong. 

So, as always.... I love you like crazy and I thank you for your acceptance of me and my truth at this time.  I can't wait to hear from you and please be your true self in your responses. I think public comments added below will be most helpful for creating a brilliant thought tank from which to grow our community forward, but I also welcome private correspondence, if that is the only way you are comfortable communicating your truth. Email me at

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I appreciate you authenticity, love this video and Update Your Plate. I'm not fully raw, nor full vegan at this time, so I feel the most comfortable going to a place where I can gain acceptance and support. I also find it hard to post all of my videos here about my journey because it's not all about raw. I'm not a blogger and I'd rather vlog (video blog) any day, so it's hard for people to get an idea of what I'm going through if I'm always having to look out for the "raw police" and vegan police". I appreciate the idea of Update Your Plate because it will now allow me to share my cooked vegan experiences. I appreciate you for coming up with the idea! :)

I just happened by this video in another raw food group on fb.. (don't even remember which one!)
  I am so glad to hear about your upgrade your plate idea..  My husband is meat and potatoes..  I have kids that are vegan.. vegetarian.. and I am somewhere in the middle of all of it!  (mind you I now have an empty nest.. so I mainly have the extremes!)  So yes.. this group is of great interest to me.. and it is something that I have wanted to embrace for others.. but also myself because I zig and I zag!  I think it is better to limit the swing of the pendulum!

Other thoughts to share.. Why have I not been connected?  Mainly because it was not easily accessed via FB  In the beginning Susan would often post RFR posts that you could link straight into the group..  that got me started here..

Also.. once I got connected to a thread I liked the idea of getting emails, but quickly would drowned in the number of emails that came!  So I found it to be feast or famine!  I could not seem to find a balance..

I am currently in a number of raw food groups on fb.. and the main one I connect with is Raw and Delicious..  but this developed out of my most current needs that developed...  All in all I ALWAYS refer people to Rawfood Rehab..  because it is organized and established in a way that you can quickly get a recipe..or info on cleansing.. etc..   And in this last year when you'all had a recipe a day I remember thinking that I needed to connect here daily for that.. but it was not in line with my other habits that often could be defined as an addiction!  I go to fb to support and receive support in some closed groups.. and I go there to do gratitude once a day..  these are my priorities..  the rest manifests as I go!   I told you that I have referred others to RFR and I will tell you that one response that I have gotten.. especially in the early years.. was "Isn't that the Christian group?"  or "I don't know.. I went there and they were a bit too Christian and "my way" for me..  That said.. I was always a bit detached from those remarks..  I did not have that same view, and was not sure what they saw that I did not.. but .. I come from Oklahoma, so it is a part of my heritage (culturally but also personally).. and I figured that I didn't see it because I was part of it all...  (I hope that didn't offend anyone.. just being straight because I see that your wanting feedback so that you can help / connect with others... and I fully support what your doing... but to do that.. it is good to hear it ALL)  (and leave it to me to be the TMI Queen!)

I think for myself.. as I consider if there is any other feedback that I might offer...   I am not sure how I got to the place of disconnect..   I suspect it was because I was sick and trying to put myself together as the whole person.. so I think that over rode my raw food needs... also I had built some skills along the way..  And different initiatives have drawn me other places..  for example Terrah Werners 10 day mono raw food challenge was a good one..
maybe because it was short and simple..  I guess that would be why... 

My focus is continuously finding simple do able foods that help me to heal.  (And ideas that encourage others to choose better choices..or to see that it is simple and do-able)       The raw stir fry by Michelle was and is a very powerful tool.   In fact, when you invited in all those people, it really was a blessing.  I have continued to follow Dara Dubinet.. and I think one of my main connections with her is that she reflects her intuitive nature.. (not always easiest to follow.. but I really relate to that way of "BEing"..    I liked the idea of Cleanse America and did join.. but quickly fell short..  connection ease was a part of that too.. 

I guess my last comment is an attempt to offer a bit of perspective toward me.. and where I have been.. since the feedback and the journey are connected.   In that last few years I have not been "fully me"  I have had some extreme challenges in every realm.. and this time last year I was literally clinging to my life in my body..   So I have been extra ziggy zaggy in my connections!  In other words..  I am not really the best to give feedback in some ways, because I have not been too directed with goals and objectives..  I have often been trying to walk forward with all I had, while trying to figure out what it is that I need now(?) or how am I going to( ?)  fill in the blank!   And the blank could literally be anywhere in the spectrum!  it could be in raw food...other health relations.. inner growth and spirituality etc!   I mean.. I am sure we all do this daily, but I have been in the extremes with what seems to be everything.  I guess what I am saying is..  I was an example of your "best member" and your "worst member depending on the perspective and YOUR need!  So just take the bits and do with them what you will!

At this point I am starting the new year at what others often consider the ground level of regaining health.  (or at least what I perceive it to be)   I am finally at the point that I seem to have put out most of my fires..  I am not anemic.. and I am balancing out my hormones..   So..  sometime around the second or third week of January I will be easing off of pain meds and into a raw food / juicing cleanse...    I figure that I will dip into periods of intense fasting /feasting..  and easing up into raw foods when I am backing off of  my cleanse..   My goal is to have lost weight and healed my body of it's last disease that I know of..  (high blood pressure, uterine fibroids, and cysts on my ovaries)  I will doing this until the end of May in hopes that the assessment leaves me with no challenge from my doctors in the realms of surgery..   And of course a gleaming example of health!  (and what a raw food diet can do for a person)  I share this, and all of my ramblings.. so that you have a glimpse of what I might need .. but with no expectation what so ever..    I have no expectations for you or your team.. and applaud your choices and the effect that it has made on the raw food movement...   So.. as much as some of this might not seem positive.. or relevant..  there it is!  I wish you the best and look forward to seeing what is next with you and RFR  <3~<3~


Penni~  Something that comes to mind.. An idea that you might value (?)  These just came to mind so I thought I would share them ..just for the sake of it..  (what happens with me when asked for full disclosure..  I kind of "tune in" ) Hope it is helps <3  (hope it's not just me looking crazy with my unpolished ways!  :D)

When I saw the 12 days of Christmas I was thinking it would be recipes..  (Although what your doing is Awesome!)
So then it occurred to me..  Maybe you might want to create some sort of "Participation Calendar"  ...

I think you have done something similar to this in the past.. so forgive me if I am offering something that is not new!   Anyway..your Participation Calendar might have all the holidays..  and even some other traditional sorts of things.. or themes that would be done at a party..    Like .. I remember someone having  a Nascar party.. Also.. maybe some events that help teach and define the basic skills and the use of the tools  that make it easy or fun..

Anyway.. this Participation Calender could be open to the membership at large, as well as to other "pros" to share their bit on the subject .. or recipe..      They could be like you 11 week initiative, but smaller events that are focused on a theme..    Maybe even a "contest" to share ?  I dunno...    

In my mind this would make Raw Food Rehab a "go to place" for both the people seeking to learn and have support.. but also the pros that wish to sell a book.. or teach etc...  It would almost make it a fun playful "Raw Food for Dummies" kind of source with a Fun Fantastic Flair..    Because you really already have a Raw Food for Dummies ish sort of site..   it's ALL here.. and simple to resource without a lot of challenge to get to what you need or where your going...  So why not not make it a "Network Hub".. for all involved..  and let your "pros" do your giveaways..  and your amateurs can be your "open mic" "new inspirations" that you might not have found if you had not created the forum...

As I said.. I have no idea if this helps.. but maybe it will at least bunny trail you to what you DO want..  
It occurs to me that it may feel like too much work to make it happen...  but my mind.. I have always believed in manage and delegate..   There is always someone out there that would love to manage.. or do graphics etc.. and it just might be that it Blesses them as much as it does you for them to help make it happen.. 

Okay.. enough rambling..  that is what jumped into my mind <3

(and.. I am sorry for your loss of your dad.. but very glad that you were there for him.. What a Blessing & Gift to you both.. and many beyond <3)

Lovely video. Really honest and i loved it, I am not on facebook either but I am a vegan who is high raw and its manageble for me and hubby but 100% is not what i want even though i need it but im hoping high raw will do the trick. 

I just came across this video. So nice to catch up on what you've been doing and thinking.

There is no doubt that I feel better being high raw and that is still my goal. Our little space does not allow for much cooking, especially as I have covered the burners to utilize the space. But there is no doubt I have turned a corner. For me it feels" unclean" to bring animal products back into my kitchen, so I don't. Plus I rather like not having to clean pots and pans anymore. I have cooked for my elderly neighbor, who is a Better Homes and Gardens eater too but I use his kitchen and really I personally can't eat that anymore. I do eat cooked food out and that has been my downfall. I probably need to find a way to incorporate cooking more in the home but other than heating up my raw food, I don't have much resources for healthy vegan cooked recipes, so I like that Upgrade Your Plate idea.

Dr. Fuhrman is still my voice of nutrition reason and the guidelines that I go back to. He's very raw friendly and plant based but not very prolific with recipes. I guess it all comes down to simplicity.

I've been at this long enough that I think it's interesting to see the high visibility rawfooders that left for Paleo come back to raw to "feel better." I think there is no denying the place pure produce has in our diet.

As for where I "hang out" these days, it is on Facebook. I can plug in quickly and then be gone. I have to say, some of my closest and dearest FB "friends" I met here on RFR. I would love to be able to connect with more of the same. I will add the "Upgrade" site to my "Likes" as I'd enjoy more simple vegan recipes. I also like your idea to use Pinterest for recipes. RFR has always been my go to place for finding tried and true recipes, especially in the early days when even raw recipe books had some bombs.

Best wishes for you Penni as you move forward. I know whatever you do, it's always done with the utmost compassion and sincerity and the most indepth thought and effort.
One of your biggest fans,

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