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Foodie Friday - Ninja Juice & Budget Burgers w/ Dan & Dara

Happy Friday Rehabbers!

I have been taking this week to just be.

Over this past year, I've been pushing so hard to produce content for my books, our wonderful website and in the daily tasks of caring for my family, my emotions & body have started letting me know that it is time to slow down, be still, rest and just listen. As an endurance athlete takes the time to recover, I am in that space now, and it feels like exactly where I need to be & what I want to be doing.

I woke up this morning with a strong desire to put something up for Foodie Friday since we haven't had one in awhile, but I realized that I just simply didn't have it in me.  As you may know, I have been really plugging into Dan McDonald this week (he & Dara are helping me to recognize my need for restoration and balance), so when he uploaded the video I'm sharing with you today, I took it as a sign! I know you're going to love it just as much as I do: 

Dan's Ninja Juice
Habanero pepper (optional)

Push ingredients through a juicer. ENJOY.

Dara's Budget Burgers

Pulp from Dan's Juice
Handful dulse
1/3+ cup chopped red onions
Generous pinch Himalayan sea salt
Generous tablespoon coconut oil
pinch cayenne pepper
Generous kiss of love : )

Process ingredients in a food processor. Form into burgers. Serve on romain lettuce leaves with a garnish of onions, tomato and avocado slices.

Follow Dan McDonald on You Tube  & friend him up here at RFR
Follow Dara Dubinet on YouTube & friend her up here at RFR

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thank you Penni, and I LOVE knowing that you are taking good care of yourself :-)

listening to your body wisdom - time to chillax - enjoy.

What a fun couple.  Good match both the drink and the burger and the presenters.   I am juicing right now so I'm actually not able to use all the pulp but have been recycling in my composite.  I will keep this in mind once I'm chewing again. Be well o'coach.  MVP of the raw food world.
That was my first Dan video and I loved it!   Thank you for sharing this, Penni, and please take good care of you.  :)

Penni, Wonderful that you are listening to your own body!! We love the work you do here in the hab and don't

want anything to happen. Take all the time you need to "just be". Terrific video also.

What a beautiful idea, this video! And that kitchen, oh my goodness... dream kitchen.


Glad you are taking care of yourself, Penni. You deserve it! The 'hab wouldn't be here without you, but it almost runs itself, now.



have made similar burger with carrot pulp..for not-fully-raw husband...add some pure gluten flour( enough to bind ingredients) and vegi -meat flavored  bouion cubes pre-soaked in water,onion, garlic,chopped presoaked sundried tomatoes... mix make into patties and saute' with garlic and onions and olive oil on super low flame...pre-make and store in fridge for fast husband food meal...these are not raw but are amazingly hubby dislikes most cooked vegi- "meats" sold in stores but loves these....  :)>+
Hope your having some fun girl or just chilling and enjoying the heck out of it.  I've been trying to get my chill on as well and this beautiful weather sure helps.  Love Dan and this was a great video as usual....We love seeing a rested, healthy and happy Penni so take all the time you need and savor it!!! XO
Penni-royal!  I hope you have a beautiful day!  You are so right, it is about finding a place of balance and listening to our bodies.  Living each day to the fullest does not always mean to accomplish everything on our to-do lists.  Some days, it is about taking the time for ourselves to reflect, relax, restore and inevitably it is how we refuel our emotional energy.  I used to fight those days and finally realized that when I fight it, I'm frustrated and more tired and the next day is worse.  When I give in to those days and just say "Okay, today is not To Do, it is To Be", I find enjoyment, I relax and the next day, I have the energy of superwoman and tackle the world with ease.  Enjoy your To Be day.  Love ya lots and lots and always appreciate EVERYTHING you do!  <3 Tracy
Dan the man is such a great guy!



This looks TOTALLY AWESOME!! I wonder what it tastes like with beet pulp added?


God's love to all!!

I can't wait to try the burger thing...I have never used my pulp...need to do his juice combo too to get that specific happy you are "being still" give and give 24/7...and ya just need a refill.

Thank you Penni, and thanks to Dan and Dara for an inspiring Foodie Friday video! 

Rest well & recharge in whatever ways work best for you, Penni. You certainly deserve to put yourself FIRST! ♥


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