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Often people write to me asking of I can share with them what I eat in a day. I've never really officially tackled putting a food log together, but felt like on this episode of Foodie Friday it is an appropriate time to share the flow of my personal eating habits with all of you.

Remember, the following menu plan is based on a typical day. I occasionally include a little cooked, a little gourmet raw food, or a wonderful raw dessert, but what you see below is the simplicity of how I dine on most days.

Upon Arising: Drink 2 tall glasses of pure water w/ fresh lemon juice (take 4 MSM capsules)
Before Noon: Green Juice, usually a bit sweet....sometimes I make a smoothie, but it depends on my mood (I take a Multi-Vitamin & B12 at this time)
additionally, I may go for some fresh fruit, but usually the 32 oz of juice satisfies me for a few hours
Lunch: Blended Soup (sometimes it's a salad or marinated veggies)
Mid-Afternoon: Savory Green Juice
Dinner: Hummus or a seed pate w/ cut carrots, zucchini, red bell pepper & celery
I often snack on kale chips, corn chips or flax crackers if I feel the need to nosh! I also make an effort to drink pure spring water throughout the day, in between meals.

Many of my very favorite recipes can be found in my book, Raw Food Cleanse, and in my digital books

Here is what a typical shopping list looks like for me:
beets w/ tops
LOTS of leafy greens (including kale, dandelion, arugula & romaine)
apple cider vinegar
cold pressed olive oil
stone ground mustard
raw tahini
raw honey
flax seeds
hemp seeds
sunflower seeds

*I do buy organic or at local farmer's markets whenever possible*

Regular healing herbs/spices I use often & try to grow:

I am also growing several wild edibles this year like; nasturtium, lambsquarters, purslane, and beetberry.

Check out my friend John Koehler's amazing videos on how he is planting a sustainable, survival garden in his yard. His lifestyle totally inspires me to take it to the next level!

Click Here for entire Food Friday Collection!

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Hi Penni! Nice to meet you adorable Eddie! Love your garden. Love YOU! Thank you for all you do.
I hear you! I have had folks ask me what a "typical" day is. It's hard to pinpoint that, but one thing I DO add daily is some type of sea green - for my thyroid, to keep it functioning properly.

Love your little baby boy (poochie), he's a cutie!

I love your videos. I have a "life" coach. Thank you!

Your little garden is GR8, and a garden doesn't have to be massive. Even folks living in apartments can have window sill herbs OR Aerogardens. These are really cool and fun to grow things in!

I have a question: I almost always buy organic. But I also want to shop at the farmers market. What is better, organic store bought or non organic local farmers market. I live in CT.
People always ask what I eat daily also and I have gotten really simple but happy and comfortable at the same time....Life is good...Wow, I'm have buds on strawberries already...mine are going crazy but waiting on the buds..It actually snowed here today but I was prepared. It will be raining all weekend ( I'm in Nashua, NH) and it may snow again on Monday...we don't need anymore rain here. I also have blackberries, raspberries and blueberries and have mapped my garden area. I have acres of land and some great sun and i am so excited to get going.....Thanks for sharing and thanks for being the wonderful, vibrant, bubbly being that you are....I have a neighbor across the street that is 85 and adorable and the garden guru of the neighborhood so we are very lucky. He has this Ginormous garden that he tends all by himself and then walks around or rides hi ATV around and passes out all his goods. He is so adorable and such a sweetheart..MAYBE JUST MAYBE its all those wonderful raw foods he consumes. He is my hero as he is out in his yard (10 acres) either tending to his garden or mowing or cutting wood from 6:00 a.m. until after dark....He is amazing and has taught me all that I know....Good luck with your herbs and thanks again for being so special........Eddie is a doll!!!!
Thanks for sharing this Penni, you've inspired me to grow some of my own produce. Will have to look into what is good to plant this season (its Autumn here in Australia). Would love to have my own fresh herbs as well, I seem to always be buying basil and parsley. I'm sure i'll end up saving lots of money.
I have my hat on today too!
Thank you for sharing this with us! SEEING what someone is doing makes putting together my own plan so much easier. It's nice to know I'm on the right track!
I always like to see what other folks are eating, so it's great of you to share that here Penni. :)

And yumm to all the green juice! :)
I wouldn't have thought of growing sunflower sprouts! You might want to pot that mint plant, they get out of control really fast. As a matter of fact I am fighting one off in my garden right now, I didn't learn my lesson the first time. I may have to move again!!!
thanks for sharing your garden and eats. question: do you make 2 green juices and save one for later in the afternoon? that would save washing the dishes twice, huh?
Love your garden!
I just started some of my seeds growing inside so I can plant in the garden at the end of May. We can still have a frost up until then.

I have Wheatgrass and sunflower sprouts growing indoors also!
Will you show us what wild purslane looks like?

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