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I've been eagerly awaiting my friend Meredith Baird's new book to be released so I could share it with you! I've known about this gem for months, and have been so eager to get my hands on the hard copy, and believe me, I wasn't disappointed! 

Everyday Raw Detox is all about finding pleasurable ways to incorporate healthy food into your diet. Every recipe offering provides a level of detox-whether you want to cleanse for a day, a week, or just simply exchange one meal-with tasty raw, vegan drinks and dishes. There are 100 recipes for blended fruit or vegetable tonics, appetizers, soups, salads, and main dishes along with a special section of skin and body tonics.

Everyday Raw Detox is an inspiring guide for designing your own detox to fit your needs and lifestyle. The suggestions, insight, and recipes all can lead to a vibrant, energetic, and more radiant you!

Check the book out at Amazon by clicking here. 


About Meredith:

Originally from South Carolina, Meredith has had a lifelong passion for gourmet vegetarian cuisine. After college she left the traditional route to pursue her passion and became certified as a raw food chef and instructor. Infusing her innate stylistic talent and food sensibility was a natural marriage.

She pursued her culinary career in Napa Valley where she was able to incorporate her knowledge and love of wine into a healthy lifestyle and gourmet cuisine. After California she moved to New York to join the Matthew Kenney team. Since 2008 Meredith has been a crucial part of the Matthew Kenney Lifestyle brand. She has assisted in writing several books with Matthew, as well as opening the Matthew Kenney Restaurant and Academy. Intermixed with her passion for food is a great love of design. She has been an integral part of the restaurant design on several cutting edge sustainable projects.

She believes in living life beautifully both internally and externally by nourishing yourself with life-filled, health-giving, beautiful food, while at the same time allowing yourself aesthetic pleasure through art, fashion, photography, music and design. She feels very fortunate that her life's work is all about doing just that.


From Meredith's Chapter Blended Fruit Tonics:

Blended fruit tonics are extra healthy fruit smoothies. This chapter's recipes are the training wheels to get accustomed to a cleaner diet. They are all simple to make and full of easy to find ingredients. Fruit smoothies are notoriously a false representation of health, as they are typically full of fillers, sweeteners and the other usual suspects (think fat laden dairy products, etc.). All of the recipes here have extra healthy boosts and are free of any added sugars. The natural sweeteness and familiar flavors make the recipes perfect for breakfast, and for the kids!

Blueberries and Cream "Kefir"

Blueberries are one of the most loved and highest antioxidant plant foods. Their powers include improving memory and stabilizing the nevous system. They are also low in calories and sugar. The addition of probiotics gives this easy to love smoothie an extra digestive boost. This is a great smoothie for kids before sending them to school.

2 cups fresh or frozen blueberries

1 banana

1 1/2 cups nut milk of choice

2 probiotic capsules

Blend all ingredients until smooth.

Serves 1-2

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Mouth watering over here!

Thanks for the glo3wing review Penni. I will have to go check it out... looks like it fits in my budget.

Making that smoothie tomorrow! Also adding this book to my "Everyday" collection.

This look good and what I love it's eay to make  THANKS


Looks amazing!!


That blueberry kefir looks so good! I am definitely making that ASAP. :)

I actually downloaded the book on my kindle because I could not wait to get a paper copy.  The recipes are amazing, super simple and taste great!!

So glad you got it!!  I am loving the recipes too!!

Tanya said:

I actually downloaded the book on my kindle because I could not wait to get a paper copy.  The recipes are amazing, super simple and taste great!!

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