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Do you regularly maintain a raw or raw friendly holistic health related blog outside of the confines of Raw Food Rehab? This is THE place for you to share your blog with our community.  If you maintain an active blog (updating it at least once every two weeks)please type your URL in the comments below and please tell us us a little bit about what we will find there.

I believe that we have an amazing base of rehabbers who are helping to lead the way and help usher in a new Health Revolution. There is so much that we can learn and offer by following and supporting each other we collectively spread the good news of restoring health & wellness to the world!  
Please also read our Community Ground Rules.  We very much appreciate you and your cooperation!!

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Yes, I blog at Raw Habit - . Thank you for asking!

I write about striking a balance between eating plain old produce and gourmet raw vegan dishes. My goal is to make eating living foods a delicious daily adventure without adding stress to our already too-busy lives.

I share recipes, chronicle classes as I take them at Living Light, and discuss how to make lasting life changes. I struggle to keep high raw, so I focus on motivation/organization as I learn to make this lifestyle a daily habit.
yup! Check me out at!! love to see everyone stalk me!

My blog is Live/Raw

This blog is specifically to showcase our attempts -- successes and failures -- at maintaining a raw/living household. Since we just started diving in only a few months ago, I often have to write about recipes-gone-wrong or the amazing recipes I find/make/etc. I am trying to come up with some new ideas for the blog so its not too stale, but as for now, it is what it is! I love it! :) It is a good outlet for me.
Thanks Rhonda...You can post it to both problem!

Rhonda said:
I started to post this on the plugging in thread then saw that it can only be posted here.
My blog is
Really more of a blogroll...lots of links to raw and vegan blogs and information sites that have been really helpful to me. I saved them all to one page so I use it to help others on their journey as well...enjoy!!!
Yes. I started Raw Food and my blog a few days ago. I started what I'm calling "The Great Food Health Experiment". I have a very rare autoimmune disease and have spent the last 11 years working with my physicians to find answers. We still have none.

If you're interested in following the experiment, jump on the ol' blog at: The Great Food Health Experiment


Food, Love and the Soul

Its mostly on eating and living well with a chronic illness, along with a dose of my spiritual journey as well :)


Here you will find many raw recipes, books, and advice that make the transition to eating raw a fun, easy, and rewarding experience. Raw cooking is never processed, never heated above 118 degrees, and usually free of animal products. Because of the high nutritional value and low calorie content of fresh live produce, a raw lifestyle causes quick and easy weight loss, so it could be called a nourishing weightloss plan. Raw foods are also detoxifying, purifying and cleansing because of the high enzymatic activity in live plant food and can equally be called a raw detox diet.
I have a bilungual blog with raw, vegan and vegetarian recipes:
Great idea! I have a blog!

Gluten-free tries Vegan

It's my exploration of living gluten-free and vegan, and searching for holistic health and balance. There are lots of recipes on there. Not so many raw, but I'm hoping to change that :)
i just starting blogging a few weeks. i added a link on my site the other day in an article to yousr as i am fascinated about this whole raw food revolution
I blog about visualization, guided imagery, prosperity and spirituality at
Sure - I blog!

Telling all about wheatgrass juice, broccoli sprout juice and general health.

The blog is here (see top banner) and the website is about to change next week so we can do orders far more easily. the juice is made in Ireland and the website he has is American and confuses folk. So this is to end and the orders will all be handled by us for the UK.

And the blog will be customised, improved and just become irresistible!

Hooray, onward and upward!


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