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Today I tackle the serious and tough topic of overcoming obesity once and for all. It's my most burning heart's desire to help point you in the direction of real and lasting help.  If you continue to struggle with the Feast Beast in your life, today's discussion is made for you.  Not everyone wants the information that I am sharing today, and that's ok....I just feel compelled to get it out there. So here goes.....

So much has been written and said about the reasons for obesity that it is little wonder that we (people who deal with fat related issues) have had a difficult time doing anything about it. Here are some actual examples from the "Why I am Overweight" list that have been shared (some of these from right out of my own mouth):

"I think it started during my adolescence, when I was in puberty and started to want to go out with boys.  My mother was against me dating, so she started over-feeding me. I guess so that I would get fat and be ugly and then the boys wouldn't look at me."

"I'm just naturally overweight. My body has a slow metabolism. My mom, dad, grandparents are all overweight."

"I eat to push down feelings that are coming up.  I just feel like I have this bad energy coming up and I feel like I have to push it down or I feel totally miserable. After I eat, though, I feel even more miserable and guilty and then I just say who cares and I eat even more."

"I was molested as a child so I got fat to prevent any more sexual attention. That didn't work because my step-dad (or whomever) just kept violating me and I kept eating that way in an effort to get even with my mom who did nothing to protect me from this."

"When I think about memories from my childhood I get all uptight and end up raiding the refrigerator. I must have been abused or molested or something. I can't even remember. I guess I'm just eating and getting fat to protect myself somehow."

"Having a baby totally changed my body."

"I reward and punish myself with food. Sometimes I eat when I'm guilty as punishment and sometimes I eat too much to reward myself when I've been good."

"If I feel depressed or lonesome, I binge on sweets. It is a tranquilizer to me. I feel good for awhile, but then I feel shame later."

"I haven't been praying or calling on my Higher Power enough."

"I control others buymy eating.  They know if I get mad I'll start eating too much.  It doesn't really work, but that is what I do. Actually I comfort myself when I don't get my way and when I can't control others."

"For me hunger is an emotion and I can't handle it except by eating something."

"Eating has become a substitute for love. It fills me up when I feel emotionally empty."

"I've been so hurt by personal relationships and I guess I'm just hiding in this fat body."

"I haven't been working the program like I should."

"I'm co-dependent/an empath and that's what causes me to overeat. I cover up my emotions when my inner child is hurting."

Persons who persist in believing the above statements will probably not be able to solve their over eating and food dependencies. That is because the above statement don't explain why one is overweight and eating too much; they only describe ones way of thinking as they are downing another cheese covered omelet. These ideas of past roots of present behaviors provide a powerful support for compulsive overeating but they offer NOTHING in the way of personal transformation and change.

If you feel like you are ready to overcome your Feast Beast once and for all, check out Taming the Feast Beast - How to Recognize the Voice of Fatness & End Your Struggle with Food Forever.

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Thanks for keeping it real, speaking the truth and having courage! It's the only way to be! : )
Tip: if anyone's thinking "I'd like that book but really don't have the money right now", try checking your library. I just checked my county's library web site...30 seconds later, found out they have it and it's on its way to my, being shipped to my local library for me to pick up in a couple of days.

Thanks Penni! I hadn't heard of this book yet and am curious to check it out!
thank you, penni! i'll check out the book :)
WOW! Penni - thank you again for the powerful video. Even as long as I've been Raw, I struggle with the demons or the whatevers in my brain. I am ordering the Taming the Feast Beast. I need to figure out how to control all of this. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Hi Penni:

I think you "hit it on the nose" today! I never heard of this book. It is so funny because I have been losing weight this year, but I seem to stay within the same amount. I want to finally go down all the way from 147 all the way to 125/120. This is why I am trying to find the foods that actually agree with my body. Some veggies that I really like such as purple cabbage or red onion, or any really gassy vegetable kind of bothers my stomach. I prefer the really green veggies like Romaine lettuce, cucumbers, anchives, celery,broccoli, zuccini and cauliflower. I have a lot of difficulty digesting other veggies. But yes, I am getting used to those GREEN drinks now.

The recipes on this site and on some others are pretty interesting. I just told my daughter and husband that I am going to make a special healthier blueberry pie for this shabbos (sabbath). They are so excited to try it.

But you are absolutely correct about having to change your head and attitude about our bodies, weight and self. We must learn to love everything about ourselves and compliment one another for everything. If we change our attitude towards life and others as well as ourselves, then we will look at life much easier.

I started to search for that book you mentioned on this video and think it is right on the money. I never even heard of this book and it seems like it is definitely one to buy because there is such a special mind-set that we need to feel about ourselves in order to let go of "old behavior" and "old ways" of doing things.

You have done such a great DEED by telling everyone here the truth! We need to face the music and work with each other!

Great Job!

Best regards,
Chana Schwartz
i love you!!!
Trick up my palate? Never seen the pimp it movie, I live in my own cave 8)

Penni, I like leaders who have a vision - keep living your vision.
I have always believed that once you give yourself an excuse to not succeed - you won't. Once you believe that you can succeed you will.

I'm off to get the book.
More power packed words have never been said! : )
These empowering words will revolutionize everyone who applies them!
Susan : )

I love Tame the Feast Beast! This book is in our RFR Library with reference to its sister book, Rational Recovery.

Also, remember when Penni spoke on this topic here.
Haven't read your pick but I am in the middle of " Women Food and God" by Geneen Roth. I have a feeling they are similar. I'm all for taming the beast with what ever aids possible. Will communicate further when I finish the read.
P.S. you always speak from a caring loving place so don't even consider anyone will be offended. Keep it coming girl!
Well, good thinking certainly didn't get me so overweight--that's for sure. Whether I was ill or not, I still made choices that added on the pounds after I got the disease. Most derived from depression, anger and all those feeling people go through when their lives turn upside down on them.

I hope no one minds when I share my stories. I only share them to make points by sharing my experience, strength and hope. I often communicate and see things metaphorically.

I'm going to try to get my hands on that book. Thanks again Penny! I just can't imagine anyone not liking you. :)
Thank you for the tough love. At one point in my life I felt comfort by percolating the same woes with a support group. At that time it helped me to come out of a closet and begin to express myself. Then I realized that the support was no longer support but a continuous percolation of the same woes from each of us from one week to the next and had turned into a year of super percolation. And honestly, it ended up feeling like a downer and I realized it was time for me to cut my apron strings and find positive like minded people who were not sitting on their "potty party" because they wanted to go into the light of being happy and prosperous. Yes, "stinking thinking" is like being constipated and never moving the crud. It is empowering to see your glass half full versus empty, and to think GOOD thoughts and have your goals and visions come true. And it is contagious and magnetizes other goodness to you. Anyone seen The Secret dvd? Just my thoughts, speaking from my own journey.
How profound...but true Penni! Thank you so much for this reality check. I recognized myself in quite a few of these excuses. However, I must say that I control my weight super well by eating raw...even though I still have the emotional cravings...and I often eat when not hungry!...with not much consequences weight wise. I will have to reflect on this!


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