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I have to share with you something I'm so excited about! This weekend, I’m making a money magnet for my apartment... want to join me?!  

As spring approaches, I’ve been working on my home to make it more abundant. Yes:  your home can have a big impact on your finances.  In fact, your home is actually is a mirror of your wealth (!) as I learned from my friend, Dana, a Feng Shui Master, who has worked with thousands of people who have proved this time and time again. 

Today, she just released the money magnet video that I’ve been waiting for.  I’m grabbing a mason jar and getting into this right away!

The info in Dana's free Feng Shui videos has helped people manifest thousands of dollars, new clients and new jobs... and bright, glowing spaces. Including ME! Since I’ve started applying Dana's techniques, I've had new opportunities come my way that are having REAL impact on my personal happiness & my bank account! Wahoooo!

Learn the foundation of Feng Shui for wealth - your home is as much a part of a healthy, brilliant, manifesting life as your diet, exercise and mind.  I’m so excited to share them with you!

They’re only up for a short while this year, so join me... and share me a picture of your money magnet when you’re done... I’ll share mine soon!!! 

Wishing you SO much health, happiness and abundance! 


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