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Cleanse America 8 ~ Get Your Body Straight - Join US!

Paul Risse, founder of Cleanse America, is back with a new opportunity for you to hit the reset button with Cleanse America 8 ~ Get Your Body Straight! The focus of this cleanse will be on improving posture, tightening core muscles and learning new movements to better your bodies physical abilities. It is the same protocol as in the past cleanses... 10 Days of smoothies, juices, salads and living foods along with Cleanse America 8's new ebook & daily videos to support you on the cleanse. You will be able to access all content and interact with other participants from around the globe on Paul's private group via Facebook. Dates are August 2nd-11th

Registration is just $25 and is now open at

Be sure to friend request Paul Risse on Facebook and keep your eye out for your personal invitation to join the exclusive Cleanse America Facebook Community Page! You will receive your link to download your CA8 ebook immediately after registering.

I hope to see many of you for this cleanse & I'll be looking for you there!! - Penni

AND as a very special gift, Paul would like for you to have a FREE copy of Cleanse America's Get Your Engine Revin' - an eguidebook that is filled with supportive info & amazing cleansing recipes from some of Cleanse America's inspirational Wellness Warriors.

Click here to download your free copy now!

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What a super idea! It's the w@y to go, focusing on core strengthening and Paul is the man for the job! Holy crap, I'm athletic, I already coach raw vegan cleanses myself etc etc but I STILL am signing up for this because it's a no-brainer ... he can take me to the next level; so easy to see that.

While I'm already focusing more on fitness than "starvation" lifestyles, Paul wows me with his one-armed hand-stands and vertical acrobatics on tree branches he finds nearby where he works out in the woods. So strong and fit both spiritually and physically. He is a one-of-a-kind guy and unforgettable.

Thank you!

*runs off to download his ebook*

Fabulous book, just what I needed to help me refocus. Many, many thanks.

WoW!  What a treat! Looks like some excellent recipes and a beautiful book.  Thanks!

YAY!! So glad you all like the free gift & I will look forward to interacting with you during the upcoming cleanse!!

Love the community here at Raw Food Rehab & hope you enjoy the book. I'm feeling like this cleanse is going to be a really good one and I really feel the momentum building in a powerful way. See you all soon!!

Thank you for the wonderful gift. It's so much appreciated. Just what I needed.

Thank you so much Paul....really nice recipes...I know I will enjoy them. (*_*)

Can anyone tell me if you can still access this free download?  When I click on it, it won't allow me. THANKS!

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