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In the above video I'm sharing my excitement about the honor and achievement of winning Best Raw Food Community Site on the Web for the 3rd year in a row! This is NOT my award, but OUR award, and many thanks to each of you who took the time to log in to place your vote at the Best of Raw Foods!

We'll be sharing the entire winners list as soon as that becomes available, which will be within the next few days. So many fabulous people, places, products, movies, books, etc! Stay tuned for the full list!

Also be sure to check out the smoothie recipes I posted earlier today!!

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Never any doubt about who was a winner! Best site for sure! Thanks Penni and Susan and everyone else that makes this such a great place to hang out!!!

I LOVE our RFR family!!!!  

Congratulations!! What an Accomplishment!!


Way to go! Congrats to all!

# 1 Raw Food Community on the web.  Yay!!!  CONGRATS to all!!  

Can't wait to try those smoothie recipes.  They both looked soooo yummy!  

Wonderful, congratulations to the RFR community!

YAY !!!!  I knew who would be the winner again this excited!  Thank you Penni & Susan for all you give day after day .... Thank you for the smoothie recipes...I can't wait till I can dig my hands into a nice pile of cherries (*_*)

Congratulations, all of RFR!! YAY and yes best site!!

YAY US!!!!  Thank you Penni and Susan for all that you do for us.  Never doubt that we all love YOU!!!

Cherry smoothies....mmmmmm.....can't wait to check them out.  Lately I've been having some increased challenges with my RA and I've been trying to eat as many anti-inflammatory  foods as I can.  Cherries is one of them, so this is spookily timely for me!  No accidents, huh!

Cool the best site ever X

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