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Hello Everyone! In case you missed yesterday's post on Dave the Raw Food Trucker's hospitalization, click here.

I had the opportunity to speak with both Dave and Tresa at length last night on the phone.  I want to share that Dave is absolutely blown away by your comments on yesterday's video.  The well wishes, prayers and heart-felt love you all are sharing is just what the doctor ordered!  He wanted me to be sure to tell you how much all of this means to him and that he will be following everyone's comments here as we move forward.

The best news that has happened today is that Dave has been officially released from the hospital (after 10 days) and now he can begin the next leg of his deep healing journey!  

After last night's call, I came away with a couple of thoughts that I want to share with you. I asked what the most pressing needs were at this time and how we as a community can best support his continued healing, and here is what I came up with:  

The first thing is that I feel it would be very beneficial to hold a 24 hour corporate prayer/candlelight vigil in honor of Dave. Dave was extremely touched by this idea and would be so honored by our support to him in this way. The plan is that each one of us who feel lead to do so will pause at dusk this coming Sunday evening (September 5th) and pray and/or send our well wises and healing energy to Dave. I also would ask for each one of you to light a candle, for Dave at that time. I show you the candle I will be burning through the night in the above video.  

During this time of prayer and sending up of our intentions, we want to ask for our Creator's perfect will to be done in Dave's life. I personally will be praying for a 100% physical recovery. I propose that we also ask for all of Dave's financial needs to be met over the days and months to come. These really are are the 2 most urgent concerns as I see it. 

I hope you will take this idea and run with it. Please promote this time of prayerful support on your blogs, on Facebook, on Twitter or on YouTube. Let's come together as a unified community on Dave's behalf. 

Also, if you have an thoughts or creative ideas on how we can fund-raise for Dave at this time, please share your ideas in the comment below. I have a couple of good ones that I have rolling around in my head, but I KNOW as a team we can really hit this ball out of the park.  

One small thing I am starting with is that I am donating 100% of the proceeds of any sale of my book Real Juice Daily to Dave's Recovery Fund throughout this Labor Day weekend (now throughout Monday night).

So that's all for today's update. If you have any questions or additional thoughts, we would LOVE to hear from you in the comments.  Much love to you all!

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I am so relieved that he has been released and is on his road to healing. This will be the best truck drive of his life. Thanks for all you are doing Penni.

You got it Penni!
Dave: sometimes things seem so awful, just not fair. Those are the times when you have to reach deep, see what you Really need and go for it. I wish you quick healing and a new fresh start on a life you may never have imagined!
xo deb
I'm in! I will light my candle at dusk and pray in Hawaii Sunday night for Dave's full recovery and for him to receive God's grace which will make him whole and healed, and will provide in abundance for all his needs from His abundant riches.
Done deal.. all over it .. donated.. and going to do the candle thing. I even sent him a letter... doubt he will see it with the rain of love coming at him but I'm supporting him all the way.
We love you house will be a blaze on Sunday for your timely recovery!
I'll stop and get my big candle tomorrow. I am going to put it on the porch, otherwise I will not sleep well knowing I left a candle burning in the house. (that's just the firefighter in me). I love watching Dave's videos and he has been such an inspiration for us. Praying for Dave's full recovery. I may just light my candle every night. :o)
I am visualizing the beauty and the love of thousands of candles burning around the world Sunday evening for Dave. I have a lump in my throat and a tears in my eyes right now thinking of it. I am praying Dave will recover from this fully in body and also financially! Count me in as a participant!
Great ideas Penni, I have my candles ready and will put it up on my fan page.
Dave keep healing!

Sending lots of love and prayers, blessings of Health and Abundance!
Thankyou as well Penni, it's time I get out of myself and give back. Will be with you all in spirit with my candle at dusk on Sunday. I will be contemplating some ideas for his support. Bright Blessings, Mamabird
Hi Dave,
The first time I saw you & heard your story, you absolutely touched my heart & I've been following you ever since. You are such a sweet soul & an inspiration to so many! You've made incredible progress in your health - sure, you've had a setback - but I pray that you will heal quickly & come back stronger & healthier than ever! I'm sure you've already been amazing the doctors! I hope to meet you one day. Keep smiling! :-)

Hi Penni,
Thank you so much for keeping us updated on Dave's progress! I'm going to buy one of those Jesus candles & burn it on Sunday night! :-) (Anyone else in T-town going to join in? We should have a little ceremony here.)
I have my candle and will light it at dusk in Auckland, New Zealand and send blessing and healing love to Dave.
I see him as whole and healed & wish him well on his new, different and "exciting" journey.
love and blessings Carolyn
I was so sorry to hear that Dave was in the hospital. I'm glad now that he is doing much better. I will be praying, along with the rest of you.

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